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Employee on the phone:  "I'm not coming to work today.  I've come down with anal glaucoma."   Boss:  "What the heck is that?"  Employee:  "I can't see my ass coming into work today."

"PIC" = Photo or Comic    "TEXT" = A Joke in Words

PIC The No. 1 Work-Related Injury   The Work Theme Song - 830K Video - Thanks Poobah! Job Market 2009  4.8 Meg Video - Thanks Moose!
PIC  Repeat After Me - "I will NEVER complain about my job again." PIC The Way It Works Interviewing for a job?  Take a Friend - 1.8 Meg Video - Thanks Leo!
  Computer Problems - 1.5 Meg Video - Thanks Mary Lou! PIC Office Kitchen Notes PIC Complaint Department
PIC  Office Wars TEXT The Shredder PIC  Now Hiring
PIC  20 Inches PIC  Keep Work Interesting  
PIC - Engineer Adjustment Tool PIC Bored at Work? PIC Complaint Department 2
PICs Never Complain About Your Job TEXT Workplace Harassment 2 TEXT  Customer Service 2
PIC  Teamwork TEXT  Are You Lonely? PIC  The Company Picnic
TEXT Health Alert PIC The Pecking Order PIC Aw Jeez....
PIC  Mother of All Blondes PIC Casual Friday TEXT  The Boat Race
PIC If Your Computer Disapproves of the File You're Copying... PIC The Office Parking Lot Reveals a Lot When it Snows TEXT  The Office Christmas Party
TEXT Placement of New Employees TEXT  Why I'm Not Coming to Work Today PIC  Notice
TEXT  Phone Problem PIC  Executive Washroom TEXT  Spell Checker
TEXT Computer Trouble TEXT  The Very Best Out-Of-Office Automatic Email Replies TEXT  New Workplace Buzz Terms
TEXT Shakeup PIC Employee of the Month TEXT Office Hurricane Rules
TEXT Computer Support PIC  How to Tell When You've REALLY Pissed Off an Engineer TEXT  It's Hard to Understand Engineers
PIC  A Very, Very Small Business Salary Review (Powerpoint Show) TEXT What Those Performance Terms Really Mean
TEXT  If Abbott and Costello Did a Routine About Computers... PIC  What Every Office Needs TEXT Employee Performance Evaluations
TEXT  Young Doctor's Prescription TEXT The Surgeon PIC Workplace Harassment
PIC  New use for an Old PC TEXT Why I Fired My Secretary PIC  The Worst Job
Why Women Live Longer (414K PowerPoint Show-please use your browser's BACK button to exit)   Going Home from Work Friday (981K Video) TEXT New 2005 California State Employee Guidelines
PIC Bomb Squad Technician    Going Back to Work Monday  (275K Video) PIC Fun and Games at Bomb Squad School
PIC Workload- Remodeled Cubicle TEXT Airline Flight Attendant Humor TEXT Supposedly Actual Maintenance Reports- Pilots vs. Ground Crew
TEXT  The Top Ten Things to Say When Caught Sleeping at Your Desk TEXT  Aviator (Pilot) Humor TEXT Commercial Airline Pilot Humor
TEXT  Corporate Lessons TEXT  Top Management TEXT Foul Language
  Mama's Little Helper (2.3 Meg Video Clip) TEXT Things We'd Love to Say at Work, But We Can't PIC The Boss
PIC MS Office Toolbar Dropdown TEXT How to Stay Focused During Meetings TEXT Stupid Things That Were Said In a Court of Law
TEXT Cannibals in the Workplace PIC Surgery Dot Com PIC I Can't Find My Mouse
TEXT  Computer Dummies TEXT  A Union Brothel PIC Executive Restroom
PIC The Computers are Down  PIC Fired for Prohibited Substance Use TEXT McDonald's Job Application
PIC 8 Guys Who Have Absolutely No Idea What Safety Means TEXT  Top 10 Indicators of Workload Burnout TEXT  How to Achieve 100% or MORE!
TEXT Prison Versus Work TEXT The Tickle Me Elmo Debacle PIC  The "It's Not My Job" Award for 2007
PIC Coffee Machine TEXT Computer Skills - Or the Lack Of... PIC What Do You Want?
TEXT  Dangerous Virus PIC Fruits  

PIC  An Engineering Plan Gone Bad


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