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This site is named Weeville because we are the Wees.

It started many years ago when I was nicknamed peewee as soon as I walked onto my first real job. 

(Note:  I always type "peewee" in lowercase because I think capitalized "Peewee" is sort of a typographical oxymoron.  How can "peewee" be uppercase?}

It was a work environment where you have a nickname.  If you don't bring one, they give you one on the spot.  At 18 years old, I was about 150 pounds shy of everybody else on the construction site and I didn't have a nickname, so I got to be peewee.  Right there, right then.  It stuck.  It went away for a while (different work environment), but I ended up in a nickname environment again (this time an office setting).  So, "peewee" came back.

After a couple of years on that job, I went and visited one of my cohorts at his home.  This guy had raised his kids to be prim and Southern manner-proper.  Yes m'am, yes Sir, and such.  Respect your elders.  Pretty cool in these times I think.

So he calls his kid over to meet me.  A boy, maybe ten years old.  My cohort says to his kid, "Hey, come over here.  I want you to meet peewee."

The kid comes right over and extends his hand for an adult-like handshake.  Pretty cool again.  The kid says, "I'm very pleased to meet you, Mister Wee."

I was taken aback.  My cohort was laughing at his own kid.

The kid was so used to being so formal around adults, he thought my first name was Pee and my last name was Wee.  Naturally my cohort told that story to everybody at work the very next day.  So then as a joke I became Mister Wee to everyone on our team.

So I am Mr. Wee and my wife will forever be Mrs. Wee, so our home is Weeville, and so is this site.

Then for another little bit, we were having some physical get-around problems.  I was limping and couldn't do stairs and couldn't bend over.  Every time I tried to bend over, I'd yell, OW!"  If I bent over very far I'd go, "OW-OW-OW!"  And Sue Unit (Mrs. Wee) was having trouble too.  And at the same time Spunkie the Dog had to have leg surgery to keep going.

We were visiting our friends the Yanksters (more nickname play here) when I went "OW-OW-OW!  Yank said, "I think you've gone from being Mister Wee to being Mister Ow."

The Ow family.  Mister Ow.  Mrs. Ow.  The dog Bow-Ow.  The cat Mee-Ow (though the cat was the only healthy one in the bunch).

But Weeville sounds and feels a lot better than Owville, so we are Weeville.  Forrest Gump would say, "...and that's all I have to say about tha-yaht."  If you're old enough to have seen Forrest Gump.

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