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The Weeville Christmas display is most unconventional.  Sure, we've got lights and stuff, but they're not just thrown around.  We've got lots of things that are plug-and-play, and we also create all the virtual trees ourselves.  The trees this year were complimented by the two polar bears and the flashing HO-HO-HO sign in the small part of the yard beside the driveway.

In the main part of the yard we put the Weeville Tropics display. Our growing collection now includes the palm tree, alligator, ship on the ocean, and the flying dolphins.  The dolphins are on a programmed timer and fly from right to left- leap, climb, descend, SPLASH!  The nighttime delay setting on the camera sees two of the dolphins lit at the same time.

Rounding out the Tropics display this year was our newest addition, the Sea Monster.

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