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July, 2007  Moon Flowers - These moonflower plants were started from seed by our neighborhood gardener. The plant is annual, but may self seed, to return next year. The large white blooms usually open in the evening, and close by morning. On overcast days, like the day this picture was taken, they may remain open.  As you can see, this is the white, bush style of moonflower. There is also a vine that grows rapidly to 20 feet or more!   When they come in, they really GO!

September, 2006  Angel Trumpet - This beautiful flowering plant was given to us by one of our neighbors.  Unlike the traditional southern heritage angel trumpet, this one is an annual, grown from seed.  If we get very very lucky, it will reseed itself.  More likely, we will collect the seeds and sow them in the spring.

First Blooms 2003  Here's a partial collection of spring flower pictures from the plantings done in the front of the house.  Our neighbor once asked if we were letting this area "go natural" after an attempt at planting wildflowers produced what looked like weeds.  We have since re-vamped the area and welcome you to virtually stroll through our garden.

Sue Unit and the Swimmers   Sue Unit is the Keeper Of The Tank, and all the inhabitants thereof.  Here, she appears to inspect the fish from the inside.

Sue Unit's Potting Bench     Here's where Unit spends a lot of time and energy all summer long, nursing the inhabitants of the Weeville Flower Garden.  How'd that GRILL get into the picture?

The Weeville Flower Garden   The end result of Unit's labor of love.

The Weeville Beach    Super-deluxe above ground pool with fancy flotation devices ready for splashing action.

The Weeville Wedding   November 3, 2001.  Here, peewee's bunch huddles up with the lucky couple.  From left, sister-in-law Betsi, Brother Mike, peewee, Sue Unit, Sister Bea, and brother-in-law Mart.

The First Dance    The wedding- peewee and Sue Unit dance while peewee's Brother Mike sings and provides the music on the six-string.

Treat Tree     Halloween 2002- Sue Unit hides behind the Treat Tree.  The kids came up and got to "pick" a bag from the tree.  Bag art hand-crafted by peewee and Unit.  It was Unit's idea- it was great.  The neighbors wanted to know why we had a dead tree limb tied to the old mimosa stump.

Guardian Angel     Here is where Unit planted a bunch of stuff under the tree out front.  peewee kept saying that you can't even grow dirt underneath a big tree, but Unit was determined.  The results are evident.

Valentine's Day     Spunkie the Dog sticks his tongue out at you.

Counterpoint    Freckle-Lee the cat can stick his tongue out, too.

New Year Blooms    Sue Unit's flower bulbs bloom on New Year's Day 2003!  See the pic and read Unit's account.

Sue Unit's Guys    Unit said post this picture of all four of her guys, including Mickey.