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If you live on Planet Earth, you've probably see a red barn with, "See Rock City" painted on the roof.  Many years ago the founders had a person who traveled the nation offering to paint your barn for free, if it could be red with the logo on the roof.  The marketing effort expanded to birdhouses and fridge magnets and everything else.  We've been stationed in the Chattanooga area for ten months, and finally made the drive to "See Rock City."

Rock City is a tourist attraction outside Chattanooga, Tennessee, on top of Lookout Mountain.  It's a compact park of sorts where you're walking on a trail that passes over and under itself due to the crafty work of its founders decades ago.  The rock (huge boulder) formations are pretty neat.  It's a manmade contribution to natural topography, allowing a look at plants and white deer and (maybe) wild birds that are indigenous to the area.  It's worth a look if you can walk for an hour or so on occasionally uneven ground with lots of stair-steps.  There's a spectacular overlook where you can "see" seven states if the weather is clear.

Our photo collection from the trip:

We appreciated all the work the founders did to make the trails passable, in fact easy to walk.

There's gnomes in them there caves.

peewee parted the rocks to allow continued tourist traffic.

Sue Unit enjoyed the view from the top.

We saw the Original See Rock City Barn from the top of Rock City!

At the top, there's lots to see.

Check out the Stone Face on the side of the mountain.

...and the waterfall

(What it would have looked like if) All the Wees Visited Rock City (No pets allowed on the trail).