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Memorial Day     //      Normandy Beach      //     I'm With Stupid     //     North Korean Air Force

  Why Osama Was Buried at Sea 4.1 Meg Video - Thanks Lisa!    //     Porn Found on Osama's Computer

Military Humor - A Gallery of Photos    //    Muslim Family Portrait     //  Three Kids      //      SOS

You May Be Taliban IF...     //      The. U.S. Navy     //     Gay Terrorist     //     Muslim Doll

The Bone Yard in Arizona     //     Stoplight Ponderings     //     Bloomberg     //     Taliban Marriage Counseling

Infantry, Armored, Artillery       //         Uptight Colonel     //     5 Dangerous Things

Damn Translators          //        The First U.S. Aircraft Carrier     //    A Hot One Today

Guidelines     //     Gorgeous     //     Group Wedding Portrait     //     God Was Busy

Marine Base Bumper Stickers     //     What's Inside a Can of Whoop-Ass?

Work vs. Pleasure        //        The Patriotic Implant      //      Army Wedding Vows

Soldiers     //     National Walk Naked Day     //     How the Army Defines a Cow

The Rules for Kicking Ass     //      Ghaddafi Found        //     Wounded B-17

Three Carrier Groups at One Time - 1.0 Meg .pdf File - Thanks Ray!

  "Merry Christmas" Video - 2.5 Meg - Thanks Lisa!

Taliban Dive Team - 2.8 Meg Video- Thanks Moose!

French Special Forces in Action - 1 Meg Video - Thanks Moose!

Pirate Hat       //       Military Wisdom      //       Vehicle Barriers

Good News From Allah!       //        How to Identify A Persian Cat

A Heartwarming Story - The War From a Little American Kid's Perspective

The TWO New U.S. Navy Aircraft Carriers  //  European Terror Alert Levels on the Rise

Omar's Direct Threat  //  Surprise  //  Why We Can't Find Bin Laden

Iraqi Limousine //  Hear the Taliban Answering Machine

An "Oops" for Al Qaida - 3.2 Meg Video - Thanks Lisa!

Taliban Mobile Assault Tank  //  Bag Head  //  Taliban Singles Online

If Iraq Had Won the War  //  The Newest Bomb  //  Anti Jihad Rocket

New Iraqi Camouflage to Fool US Troops  //  New Military Patch

George & Saddam: Happier Times  //  Redneck Special Forces

French Special Forces  //  The Three Can'ts  //  Iraqi Ground-to-Ground Missile

Saddam and bin Laden BOTH FOUND!  //  Osama Located-His Run Money Ran Out

The Terrorist Catch-and-Release Program  //  Aircraft Carriers are Really Big

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