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Maybe you've noticed the white oval stickers on the rear windows of some cars.  They are apparently in vogue.  They kind of look like parking stickers, but the movement is on to spread them to a different application - vacation destinations.  I travel a lot, and the stickers first caught my eye in the Pittsburgh area.

Lots of cars in Pittsburgh have an "OBX" sticker on the rear window.  You have to get real close to the sticker to see the fine print.  OBX is the designation for "Outer Banks" (in North Carolina). The Outer Banks is a popular vacation destination for folks in the Pittsburgh area.   Soooo, I deducted by further observation that there's a trend here.  You drive your car to a vacation destination (seems like they're all from the east coast), and you buy a sticker for your car and stick it on.

For example:  NMB = North Myrtle Beach.  HHI (The "I" is a lighthouse) = Hilton Head Island.  There are lots more I haven't been able to get close enough to on the highway to discern where they came from.

But, I WAS able to get very close to this one, my favorite so far.  As seen and photographed in a parking lot in eastern Tennessee:

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