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I picked up this story on a recent visit to Pittsburgh.  Sue Unit is from Pittsburgh and on occasion we go there to visit her dad.  Her brother Tom and his wife Peg live a block away, so everybody's always there hanging around.

For Tom and Peg's anniversary they were able to arrange a trip without the kids to a casino spot in West Virginia.  Tom tells this story, and it's a hoot, and I can't write it nearly as well as he tells it, but it's worth a try:

Tom called ahead and got the casino/hotel on the phone.  The lady on the phone sounded...let's say, challenged.  Every time, she seemed to answer a different question from the one Tom was asking.  The conversation by itself was a struggle, but Tom was able to book a room.  Finally Tom asked, "Can you fax or email me some directions to the casino?"

The lady said,  "Absolutely not, we don't do that."

Okay.  Then Tom thought, hey, we have GPS in our vehicle.  Ask her for the address.  "Can you give me your address, then?"

The lady said, "Sure!  It's (900 such-and-such Road)."

So on the day of the trip, Tom punched the address into the GPS and away they went.  They got down into West Virginia and found the road.  They came upon a few strip joints (all nude, all the time!), and Peg commented, "We must be getting close."  They came to a hotel and casino complex and Peg said, "This must be it!"

The GPS unit indicated three more miles, straight ahead.  Tom felt that the GPS is always reliable, so he kept going.  Finally the GPS announced, "You have reached your destination."

They stopped the minivan in the middle of the road and looked around.  They were in a row of clapboard houses on both sides of the road.  Sure enough, one of the houses had a street number of 900.

Think back - Tom asked the challenged lady, "Can you give me your address?"

So she did.

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