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    A Scene from an Old Japanese Movie that Flopped at the Box Office

   A Scene from a British Movie that Also Didn't Make It

   Pimp My Mining Truck

   The Piano Player

    Interesting Trailer Truck Paint Jobs

   When It's Okay to Say the F-Word

   When It's Okay to Say the S-Word

   Photoshop Contest Winners

    How to Paint a Bathroom Floor

    Statue of Liberty - A Different View

    Size DOES Matter!    //   Giant Blob

Ice Skater - 600K Video - Thanks Lisa!

Extreme Sports - 2.3 Meg Video - Thanks Lisa!

   Candle Power - 4.2 Meg Video - Thanks Leo!

    Found in the Streets of New Orleans

    So, You Think YOU are Having a Bad Day?

    What NASA Could Learn from NASCAR

    You Picked a Fine Time to Leave Me, Loose Wheel

    Proposed Design for the New World Trade Center

    Hey Dude, it's Really Gnarly Out Here!

    Jet Skiing   //  Unlucky Skydiver

     Here Fishy Fishy (920K mpeg file)

    Even on the Moon

    Even on the Moon II

    A Texas Chicken

    A Texas Rabbit

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