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We went to Sue Unit's Annual Family Picnic the last weekend in July.  We came back home to a moderate mess.  There had been a big storm come through on Friday.

When you have a bunch of trees...well.  Fortunately only our canopy on the pier was slightly damaged.  After having lived through Hurricane Hugo, this is laughable, but I'm glad we missed the storm all the same.  I'dda been climbing the walls while all this was going on.

The back yard - the rest of the yard looked pretty much the same.

A house across the lake had a huge Bradford pear tree that was split in half.  The pear trees around here fared poorly.  When I hauled loads of tree parts to the dump, it was clear that most of the pile growing there was from Bradford pear trees.  They were tore up all over town.  They are a very soft wood.

An oak limb in the front of the house that MISSED the house.

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