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August 9, 2008 - What a beautiful day for a picnic! A great time was had by all.  When the accompanying grove was invaded by foreign nationals, Gary did a GREAT job of keeping the peace, thanks to Allegheny's Finest.

Let's do something different this year.  Below are hot links to the three "keeper" versions of the "Big Picture."  The camera, like my brain, was somewhat left-of-center on all of them.  But they are full-sized files.  Pick the one you like and download it and crop it and magnify it and print it or whatever you want to do on your computer.  The pics may look squinchy on your screen to start with, but when you download them and magnify them, everybody's there in great detail.

Just right-click on the photo and do "Save Picture As"

Big Picture One

Big Picture Two

Big Picture Three

The Entire Photo Gallery 


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