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We think the BIG Pictures print better than they look on the screen.  If you want to print the BIG Picture, tell your printer to print LANDSCAPE instead of PORTRAIT.

The BIG Picture version A   ( a huge file- first quality)

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Marylou & Joe Mummies It's a Wrap
Wrapping Poor Tom Spectators
Eggtoss Vickie Danny Makes a Catch
The Girls The Guys UFO
Waiting for Eggs Releasing the Eggs Egg Tossers
Strategy Session Strategy 2 More Eggs
Belly Up to the Bar Mitch's Birthday Mitch's Cake
Yak Yak Yak Free For All Bob, Marion, and Sis
..And the Winners Are... Smiling Faces Great Chef
Standing at the Corner Round 1 Round 2
Round 3 Round 4 Round 5
Round 6 The Mechanics Stuffed and Wrapped
Scooters and Bikes More Scooters and Bikes Rear Views
Milling Around Lynn and Susie Marion, Bob, and Sis
Horseplay Horseshoes 1 Horseshoes 2
Horseshoes 3 Horseshoes 4 Horseshoes 5
Playground 1 Playground 2 Playground 3
Playground 4 Playground 5 Susie, Sis and Frank
Digging for Dollars Scratching Out a Living Squatters
Sarah Sam and Chelle Small Team Volleyball
Olympic Volleyball Wipeout Over the Net
Uncle Mike and Family Samantha's Sandpile Hunting Crayfish 1
Hunting Crayfish 2 Hunting Crayfish 3 Hunting Crayfish 4
Gathering Cindy Bobby, Fran, Cookie
Chuck,Caleb,Mitch,Michelle Mike, Tom, Chuck Bobby
Laverne Janet Carla,Mary,Sally,Bobby
Vickie & Danny Joe's Pretty Girls Henry Interrogates Frank
Sandy & Family Sally & Samantha Sally & Chelle
Sarah Playing Toss Samantha & Sarah at Toss Samantha,Chuck,Michelle
Running Backward One-Legged Race All Winners
Showing Off Prizes In Between Races Teresa & Family
Judy Marion & Mary Sawdust 1
Sawdust 2 Sawdust 3 Sawdust 4
Sawdust 5 Stadelman Picnic 2003 Stadelman Picnic 2000