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One Sunday morning, I was going from our ex-house in SC to here in TN.  There's a stretch of SC highway 9 where it's 4 lanes, divided highway, a straightaway where you can see about two miles.  I was driving Sassy (our Ford Fusion) and on a whim I decided I wanted to go 100 miles per hour.  Just to see it.  Just to experience it.  Sassy will sure do it.  On this morning, there was no threat to any other human if that's what I did.  It was stupid.  But there I went.
I found that the issue with speed is that everything becomes exponential.  Things are going by so fast, that by the time you get it wound up, you are already out of the room you thought you had to go that fast.  And then you couldn't stop anytime soon, not if you even wanted to.  Wow.  Been there, done that, once as an experiment.
And the guys on TV today at Talladega in the NASCAR race...they're going 198 mph.  Twice that fast.  Wow.  I guess that's why that's a sport.