Interpreting Southern Dialect - these are the phrases you'll hear us use Down South, and this is what the words mean. In a lot of cases, we omit all those needless syllables to save precious energy while we talk.

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ammo      Naturally, what you shoot in your legally-owned gun.  In Southern dialect, however, it also translates into, "I'm going to."  Such as, "Ammo kick yer ******* ass..."

ainchew      aren't you?  or, are you NOT?

spoeda       Supposed to...Such as, "Ainchew spoeda be at work rat now?"

kokohler     Coca Cola

yawnt to?     Do you want to

ahh ite!         All right

moam back       Come on back (as in backing a pickup truck)

rye cheer        Right here

kreck     That's right, correct

hep          Assistance, help

idnit         Isn't it

wudnit        Wasn't it

jevver        Did you ever

kmere        Come here

argie          Fuss, fight, argue

eye-dee           A thought, idea

fuss                    first

far           combustion, a fire

dreckly     soon, next thing, directly

tarred        worn out, tired

rernt          destroyed, spoiled, ruined

lecktristy        electrical current

par           Same thing as lecktristy- power

zat      Is that

spek     Expect

thow       toss, throw

stow     Market, store

ovair       Over there

venchly       Sooner or later, eventually

momanem        Mother and the others with her

loud         Enabled, allowed

yisty      The day before this one, yesterday

blong          Belong

cane chew      Can't you

sammich       sandwich

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