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Chinese Restaurant 1     //     Chinese Restaurant 2    //     Redneck Veggies

Dead End        //      Bathroom Sign       //       Dear Crossing    //     Senior Center

FEMA Center     //     Soup of the Day     //     More Signs      //     Emergency Exit

Eat More Pork     //     Now Hiring     //     Even in Scotland     //     Say What You Will

Come Join Us     //     Birthday Party Place     //     Church Sign     //     Deer Baiting

This Could Get Really BAD     //     Sign Failure     //     Hell     //     No Shirt     //     Dream On

Watch Out     //     No Cell Phone Use      //     Really Hot Burgers     //     Boneheads

Georgia's Turn of Fate     //      Radiator Service      //      The "Nothing" Sign   //   Crazy Signs

New Home Security Sign    //     A Montana Rancher's Sign    //     A Bum Meal     //     Stubbornness

Y'all Wanna Gun to Go With That?   //     Whatta Great Deal!       //      Pee       //    WHAT?

A Sign About a Sign?    //    Move Over?      //    Absolutely Misspelled    //    Danger Dog

Guard Dog      //      Road Work Sign     //       Irony or Information Overload?

A Really "Hot" Tourist Attraction      //       DON'T Do What the Sign Says

Job Coming Open at the Highway Department

Another Job Coming Open at the Highway Department

High School Diploma Now Required to Work at the Highway Department     //     Auto Repair List

Designated Safe Driving Area      //      Just Whiz Over the Side?     //      Bottle of Rocks

Free Tacos     //   XXX     //     Corn Dog    //     RIP     //      Hostel Rules

Panhandler Signs        //      Hitch Hiker     //     Hungry?     //     Don't Sit

Large Branch Post Office   //     Hemoroidy      //     Restrooms      //       Private Parking

Working Vacation      //      Please Bring Extra Picnic Supplies    //      Avoid Wyoming

The End of the Future?     //       Entrance?   //       No Open Flames

Bold Claim      //      First Class      //      Bear Warning

Watch Out for the Tree        //       Who Wrote This One?

Keep Right?      //        Safe Days       //         Vacation Destination

Extreme Fire Hazard    //      Geezer Crossing     //      Yield to WHOM?

"Going" Somewhere?     //     False Advertising     //     Old Beer

Interesting Translation     //      All of God's Creatures

Watch Out for Falling ... WHAT?    //     A Good Store Policy

Don't Do Drugs.  Or Shoplift, Either       //       Bottomless Pit

Want a Sandwich?       //      Only in Texas      //     Here are Your Choices

A Lucrative Job Offer      //      "Trespasers" & "Survivers"      //      Stop or Not?

Don't Throw Stuff      //       Porcelain Police Property

Just Get Her the Diamond      //     Packing Tape Warning

A Heartfelt Political Campaign     //       ...and I was Like...

Impaired Sign Maker?     //      Fighting Illiteracy     //     Open Range    //    Really Fresh Meat

Beware     //     Alignment     //      Want Some Chicken?     //     Don't Tell Anybody!

Classy Restaurant     //      Dry Cleaners      //      Eat here      //      The Hillary Special

A Very Sharp Sign      //     They really aren't kidding     //      Please Drive Carefully

Finally, truth in advertising     //     Truth in Advertising II

Well-meaning intelligent parents lobby their cause

This is NOT the Weeville computer room     //     ...and we always thought it was CATS

Interstate traffic delay     //     Fair Warning    //     "Exams"      //      Gas Prices Are Up 

Near Pittsburgh-Don't Go the Wrong Way      //      A list of signs from various businesses

Pass With Care      //     Good Luck!     //     A Very Dirty Message      //      Hitchhikers

Lane Drop Ahead?  No Kidding!     //      No Dogs      //       Redneck Security System

Cover Your Ears...     //     Must Be California      //       Let the Church Help

Custom Killing     //      Perfect Getaway Route      //      Fast Elderly Cross Elsewhere

Stay In the Car       //       Beware of...      //       Soccer Not Allowed

Watch Out Overhead?      //       Redneck Advice

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