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Sammie's a hilarious contributor to this site, and by his own description he may be Weeville's biggest fan as well.  But last week there arose a problem...

Remember that feeling you used to get when you were small and Saturday was nearing and all your favorite shows were going to be on, no school, maybe both parents were home, instead of Wheaties for breakfast, you got pancakes with peanut butter and Aunt Jemima syrup. It was your day!
Well Weeville is kinda like that now. Knowing new stuff and maybe even stuff I sent in was going to be added to this great work of literature.  I would stop everything I was doing, put my answering machine on, put a sign at the main road near my mailbox, do not disturb, turn on the Great Green Light outside to warn all friends that I was on the great WWW and checking out this week's WEEVILLE.
The great day came and to my surprise and wonder I was looking at script I could not make out.
 //   Woodpecker   //   Niagara Falls Frozen   //   Pittsburgh Poodle   //   Building in China
Well I said no problem, went to my little tools on my puter and made the print larger, didn't help, took a picture of it, downloaded the pic and then blew it up, didn't help, last thing I could do was get the following items out to see if they would help.

Didn't help. So I just clicked on them to see what was there. I was happy again. Keep up the good work.
Followup: The problem was in my accessibility program in tools. I had to click on the Ignore Font Style, once I did that Weeville was back green and roaring strong. I got so desperate wanting to be able to read Weeville I added it to my Wii Internet and watched it on the game console, ha ha. Bet I'm the only one that has done that.


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