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Sammie is one of the newest and funniest contributors to the Weeville site.  He wrote the story that will be on the Weeville home page banner for a long, long time.  One funny man.  Here's Sammie's bio:

I live smack dab in the middle of 40 acres, in Carroll County, Ms., land borders I-55, 90 miles north of Jackson and 90 miles south of Memphis and 90 miles southwest of Tupelo, birthplace of Elvis, my ex still thinks he is alive. Showed her the pic of him and M.J. from your site all she said was very funny and that was with a frown. Can't keep that darn pig out of the dog house.


When we were discussing the concept of this posting, Sammie said go for it.  My answer to him:

People from all over the world will be lined up in cars and vans and tour busses on dirt roads to see the pig in the dog house.  It'll be a national attraction.  A tourist trap.
So get the concession stands ready.  You're about to be big.  They may have to pave the road and make it 6 lanes wide.  Cops directing traffic.  Orange cones everywhere.  News helicopters overhead.  CNN will report on the Sammie Surge.  It'll be huge.

Here's the first story Sammie wrote to us here:

Well I did what you said, packed a lunch, dinner, even dessert, several non alcoholic beverages, e-mailed, texted, called all my friends on the phone and said I would be out of contact with all human beings for some time. After several hours of laughing, looking at your site I heard a commotion outside my house. There was the Sheriff, Highway Patrol, Fire Dept. (did not know we had one), County Rescue, four different Ambulances, (thought we only had one), E.T., my Daughter, Son, Friends, Strangers and my Ex. Wife, (that scared me the most). You have one of the best sites I have ever visited. Keep up the good work. Thanks,  Sammie

Sammie, thank you so much for chiming in and joining the bunch at Weeville.  Keep the good stuff coming.  Gosh, it's ALL so good!!!!  Let's make 'em laugh all around the world, whether they want to or not.  Let's make 'em laugh.

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