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Every year if you are a department manager, it's the same old thing.  You have to sit with each employee and review their performance and explain why their salary for next year will be what it will be.  The conversation is irrelevant - you already knew their salary before they came into your office.

Here's a really neat tool that is sweeping the nation.  It's an automated solution to the annual salary conversation.  Your employees complete the review themselves, and the data is loaded onto the database for safekeeping.

To try a "dummy" sample version of the platform, click HERE.  Note:  This generic demo-only version does NOT send the results to HR.  This is for example only.  All you'll need to complete this package is to have your computer nerds wire in everybody's name and employee number, etc.  NOTE:  This thing opens in a separate frame, so DO use your browser's X button to close that frame and return to Weeville.

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