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Welcome to a new contributor, Darcy!  Wow, this is great stuff!  Darcy says,

"Love your site, thought you may like a couple of pics of my 10 HP Wheelhorse Picnic Table, my weekend daily driver up here in Southern Ontario Canada, enjoy, Darcy."

I just HAD to know more.  Darcy and I swapped several emails and it got even better...

"I was sitting in the backyard beside my 1971 Wheelhorse Tractor and sitting on my Picnic Table and noticed the width of the base for the picnic table was the same as the frame for the tractor, so I worked there by myself with my buddy Herb and came up with this beauty by the time the sun went down, added the umbrella, cooler and seat the next day and was on the road by noon, we live up here in Mennonite country so a slow moving vehicle sign can get you a long way."

And that's not all he's got:    "...a pic of our other project, A Massey-Ferguson Lawn Tractor when it had a Suzuki 1100 cc motor, went bigger and better this year, we build some wicked stuff up here in the Great White North, you should see my current project, pics to follow when I get the bugs out."

And on a smaller scale:   "...a pic of my Swap Meet vehicle, we have a lot of fun up here in the Great White North, enjoy your day, Darcy."

A whole lotta fun indeed Darcy, thanks so much for the sends!

See Darcy drive the picnic table on YouTube by clicking HERE.

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