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Thanks to Ed in Illinois for sending this one!  Ed's a new Weeville contributor.  Welcome aboard Ed!

This shot reminds me all too much of a house that was a few doors down from where we used to live in South Carolina.  So I was having a brain block trying to caption it.  I enlisted the help of some folks on a couple of forums I'm on.  Their captions are below the photo.

First off Ed himself suggested, "Where's Waldo with Junk."

No ocifer there isnt weed growing from my roof.......    (truckpuller)

indoor conversation:
"The $174 billion is in switzerland."
"ready to go?"
"Need to get avgas for the getaway car."
"no avgas, we need to keep our cover."
"it may not run, then."
"plane tickets?"
"I bought a plane, leer jet."
"lets go, they'll never figure it out."       (boxer3main)

if you replace the Camaro with an old pickup it would look a little like that house I grew up in...or the houses many of my relatives lived in....(JOES66FURY2)

Two words  -  Possum Lodge     (DanStokes)

"Camaro Craft" in the Backlands .     (Junk Whisperer)

"The house might be for sale but not the Camaro"   (ksj1)

The Welcome Center for "Mulletpalooza".    (Shannon)

 RE/MAX fernclosure listing    (meatwagon)

Welcome to Billy Goat Acers.    (HEMI)

Camaro doubles as a Guest House    (Junk Whisperer)

Source Interlinks next new magazine offices?   (Not A Duster)

Shut yer mouth an' run like hell. I hear banjos.    (Remy-Z)

If a Neutron Bomb landed there tommorow,it would STILL look the same   (Junk Whisperer)

The Redneck Rascals Club    (Tent27)

Redneck    (jamesmp)

Mullet University   (Skip)

Redneck Country Club   (TxEMTP69)

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