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Redneck Holiday Garb

Fishin' an' Huntin' Rednecks Are Everywhere
Redneck Prom Garb Gift Idea Lucky Hat Even in Kansas...
Redneck Prom Garb 2  Santa Sleigh Redneck Hunting Lodge Even in Canada...
Redneck Foreplay Redneck Reindeer The New Deer Rifle Even in Canada II
Trailer Park Foreplay Redneck Christmas Tree Redneck Deer Rifle Even in Canada III

Redneck Wedding Announcement

Redneck Christmas Tree 2 Deer Hunter Even in Ireland
Wedding Announcement II Redneck Christmas House Deer Hunter II Even in Asia...
 Redneck Wedding Supplies Redneck Christmas House 2 Redneck Deer Stand  Even in Asia II
Redneck Wedding Ceremony Redneck Nativity Scene Redneck Deer Stand II  Even on the Moon...
Redneck Wedding Portrait Redneck Santa Redneck Deer Stand III Even on the Moon II
Redneck Bride Redneck Santa 2 Redneck Bass Boat Even on Mars...
Redneck Wedding Dress Deer Hunter's Christmas Redneck Bass Boat II Even on Mars II
Redneck Wedding Rings Redneck Christmas Truck Duck Decoy Even in Russia
Redneck Couple Redneck Wreath Deer Hunter's Nightmare Even in the Arctic
Redneck Couple II Redneck Christmas Deer Stand Deer Hunter's Nightmare 2 Even in Scotland
Redneck Wedding Cake Redneck Tree Ornaments Redneck Huntin' Dawg Redneck Sinko De Mayo
Redneck Wedding Cake II Redneck Christmas Dog House Redneck Hunting Rig Redneck Boating 2
Wedding Cake III Redneck Convenience Store Tree My Mommy is a Deer Hunter Redneck Split Level House
Wedding Cake IV Money's Tight Redneck Doorbell Two Different Views
Wedding Cake V Christmas Accident A Hunter's Dream See Paris-TWICE!
Wedding Cake VI Another Redneck Tree Redneck Taxidermy Redneck Log Cabin
Wedding Cake VII Another Redneck Wreath Redneck Taxidermy II How West Virginians View America
Wedding Cake VIII Redneck Santa Float Redneck Trout Tournament West Virginia Swing
Wedding Cake IX Redneck Christmas Wrapping Paper Redneck Hunter's Motorcycle Redneck Executive Secretary
Redneck Wedding Cake Topper Redneck Antler Christmas Tree Gun Owners Redencek Blackout Shades
Redneck Wedding Cake Topper 2 Shopping Cart Christmas Tree Redneck Hunter w/ DUI Cheerleaders
Redneck Wedding Arch Redneck Tree Bow Redneck Measuring Tape Redneck Flag Pole
Redneck Target Practice Redneck Nativity Scene 2 Redneck Easter Greeting Word for Today
 Redneck Bridal Break Redneck Wreath 4 Texas Bass Bait Redneck Pool Lounger
Redneck Bridesmaids Redneck Christmas Tree 4 Cool Deer Mount Redneck Snowmobile
Redneck Vows Redneck Christmas Tree Stand Big Buck 2-Seater Lawn Mower
Redneck Wedding Reception Redneck Meat Tree My Buddy Redneck Hummer
 Redneck Wedding Reception 2 Outhouse Decor Redneck Fish Finder Redneck Resort
Redneck Wedding Reception 3 Mary Redneck Christmas Here, Kitty Kitty Redneck Fancy Wheels
Redneck Wedding Group Redneck Christmas Haircut Coon Ass Duck Blind Redneck Fancy Car
Redneck Wedding Celebration Redneck Christmas Gift Redneck Moose Outing Ghetto Rednecks
Redneck Wedding Celebration 2 Reinbeers Deer Baiting Redneck Goblets
Redneck Wedding Getaway Redneck Culinary Delight Deer Coolers Redneck Car Door Handle
Redneck Wedding Getaway 2 Redneck Bird Feeder Redneck Parenting Southern Delicacy
Redneck Chastity Belt Redneck Ingenuity Hunting Season is Over Redneck Streetlamp
Cheating (Updated) Redneck Haircut Redneck Potty Art Redneck Stretch Limo 2
Redneck Restraining Order Canadian Redneck Mailbox Redneck Motel Sign The WalMart Auto Show
Redneck Divorce Redneck Ninja Redneck Cowasaki 2 Redneck Flower Bed
Redneck Divorce Cakes Redneck No Porch Redneck Religion GPS-Equipped Car
Redneck Divorce Settlement Redneck Urban ATV Redneck Brand Loyalty Redneck Scrabble
Another Redneck Swing Redneck TV Delivery The Redneck 500 Redneck Bedroom Suite
Redneck Swing 5 Redneck Snowplow Redneck Sinks Redneck Sleigh
Redneck Bumper Sticker Redneck Fire Extinguisher Redneck Eatery  
Redneck Parent of the Year Redneck Veggies Redneck Bucket List Redneck Malebox
Redneck Horror Story Redneck Moving Sale Redneck Bathroom Decor Redneck Fridge Fix
Redneck Fancy Hat Fer Sale Snow Days Redneck Party Van
Redneck Family Man Anuther Sale Redneck Bodywork 7 Say What You Will
Redneck Fire Pit 3 Redneck Oregon Camper Be Anything Redneck Gun Rack 2
Redneck Sofa Redneck Bassinet Redneck Hot Tub Redneck Motorboat
Redneck Power Windows Redneck Door Handle Redneck Batmobile Redneck Moving Day 4
Redneck Swamp Buggy Redneck Tubin' Redneck Steering Wheel Redneck Chandelier 2
Redneck Dating Advice Redneck Rear Wiper 2 Driven a Ferd Lately? Redneck Suburban
Two Good Reasons Redneck Shower Head Redneck Cat Tunnel Redneck Medic Alert Bracelet
Redneck Water Slide Mississippi Gun Map Redneck Sink Faucets Redneck Video Game
Redneck Hot Dog Machine Redneck Dream Catcher Redneck Trike Recliner Redneck Motor Home 3
Racism Redneck Windshield Wiper Hold My Beer Redneck Garbage Can
Redneck Funeral 2 Redneck Midgets Redneck Health Club and Spa Redneck Swing 4
Redneck Funeral 3 Redneck Baking Redneck Computer Mount Redneck Camping
Amish Redneck Nice, Real Nice Redneck Wine Glasses Redneck Love Seat
Redneck Heat Redneck Door Lock Chickpoint Redneck Cop Car
Redneck Door Mat Redneck Brake Lights Redneck Security Chain Redneck Computer
Redneck Mini-Plow Redneck Security 3 Redneck Blender 2 Redneck Motion Sensor Light
Ready to Go Redneck Tank Redneck Wheelchair 2 Lawn Chair Boat
Redneck Weenie Roast Y'all Wanna Gun to Go With That? Redneck Priorities Redneck Basketball
Driving and Shaving Redneck Water Conservation Redneck Boat-Car Redneck Security 4
Redneck Mixer Redneck Microphone Stand Shower Political Affiliation Redneck High Beams
Redneck Muffler Hanger Redneck Car Hood Redneck Variety Store Redneck First Aid
Redneck Hatchback Redneck Interior Protection Redneck Windshield Redneck Downspout
Redneck Baby Hauler European Redneck Redneck Car Trunk Figure This One
Redneck Gas Lid Lock Cowboy Bubble Bath Deere Bug Redneck Golf Cart
Rednecks Staying Cool Redneck Front Steps Redneck Friends Dogship Enterprise
Redneck Party Glasses Redneck Bike Wheel Redneck Rear Wiper Redneck Carpentry
Waterslide Fail Redneck Family Redneck Legos Redneck Fancy Light
Fun in Atlanta Bad Tattoo 2 Redneck Restroom Door Redneck Jack Stand
Redneck Lawnmower Seat Redneck Muslims Redneck Restroom Redneck Trailer-Thing 2
ATF Redneck Exhaust Repair Redneck Man, His Bike, and His Chick Redneck Street Repair
Redneck Security Light Redneck Motorcycle Headlight Redneck Ceiling Fan 2 Redneck Handrail
Redneck Handyman Redneck Bodywork 5 Redneck Urinal Repair Went For a Ride
Redneck Vacation Redneck Lawn Chair Repair Redneck Video Rental Store Redneck Windmill
Southern Technology Redneck Motor Home 2 Arkansas Moving Van  Bobbing for Pigs' Feet
Redneck Porta-Johns My Hero Redneck Server Farm 1 'Merica
Redneck Girlfriend Sneakin' Hillbilly Mirror DOH Porta Potty
Redneck Porch Swing Redneck School Bus 2 Redneck Plumbing 2 Redneck Fan
Redneck In-Car GPS  The End of a Hog Problem Redneck Server Farm 2 Redneck Want Ad
Redneck Fire Alarm Redneck Invention Redneck Server Farm 3 Homemade Slippers
Redneck GPS 2 Redneck Hedge Trimming Redneck Jello Redneck Birdhouse
Redneck Jet Ski Hauler Redneck Window Repair Redneck Fire Pit Redneck Hanging Basket
Whatta Redneck Ride! Redneck Cabin Cruiser Redneck Privacy Rich Redneck
Redneck Truck Rear Window Redneck Lowe's Shopper Redneck Cat Redneck Chandelier
  Redneck Tank Top Redneck Towing Redneck Bottle Opener Redneck Mechanical Bull
Redneck Opera Redneck I-Phone Redneck Headlights Redneck Engineering
Redneck Tow Bar Redneck Towing 2 The Redneck House Low Country Boil Pot
Redneck Artwork Redneck Cookout Divine Intervention Redneck Engineering
Redneck Hay Ride II Redneck Hearing Protection Redneck Home Makeover Redneck Laptop
Redneck Marina II Redneck Marketing Redneck Paradise Texas Motorcycle Seat
Redneck Rest Area 2 Redneck Ski Rack Redneck Verification Redneck Yard Work
Redneck Snowplow 2 Redneck Tractor Show Redneck 3 Wheeler Redneck TV Broadcasting Station
The New Bicycle Redneck Trekkies Redneck Home Renovations Redneck Fountain
The Family Tree Redneck Stadium Periscope Redneck Dumpster Redneck Mountain Fountain
Redneck Aliens Redneck Tail Lights Redneck Decorative Bar "No Trespassing" Tire
Rednecks at Bonneville Redneck Moving Day 3 Redneck Race Fan Truck Major 4 Wheeler
Redneck Amusement Park Ride 2 Redneck Plumbing Job Redneck Tree House 2 Redneck Custom Tractor
Redneck Hot Water Toilet Redneck Ladder Modification Redneck Deluxe Dog House Redneck Couch Racing
Redneck Computer Fan Redneck Bumper Repair Caption This Redneck Kitchen Arrangement
Redneck Faucet 3 This Stall is Closed Redneck Construction Site Redneck Bird Bath
Redneck Body Work 5 Redneck Shifter Knob Redneck Scaffold Redneck Camper Shell
Redneck Body Work 4 Redneck Lawn Sprinkler Redneck Hood Ornament Redneck Snowman
Redneck Urinal Redneck Beer Can Car Redneck Roofing Redneck Yard Sale
Redneck Jetta Beamer Redneck Swimming Pool 5 Redneck Ceiling Fan Redneck Mini Flashlight
Redneck Wheelbarrow Redneck Hoist The Bubba Interface Corvette Tow Truck
Redneck Black Friday How to Haul a Prize Bull Gas Price Crisis? Redneck Flat Tire
 Student of the Month Redneck Swamp Rocket City Folks Move In Redneck Spare Tire
Redneck TV Stand Don't Pass Out Early I Redneck Camper 2 Redneck Bathroom
Redneck Hot Tub 3 Don't Pass Out Early II Redneck Car Jack Air Conditioner Support
Redneck Faucet 2 3 Questions for a Redneck Engineer Snorkeling in Wisconsin Girls' Night Out
Redneck Bidet Redneck Camera Phone Snowmobile Hauler Motorcycle Hauler
The Tobacco Store Redneck Sports Coupe Redneck Office Redneck Yard Art
Redneck Remote Control Redneck Stretch Limo 3 Redneck Window Tint Redneck Phone
Redneck Sidecar Redneck Monopoly Redneck Camper 3 Redneck Ring
Redneck Hot Date Redneck Chevy Elvis and MJ Both Found Alive in Texas Two Kinds of Yoga
 Redneck Air Conditioned Car New "Surviver" Contest  YO   Redneck Noise Control
Oriental Rednecks Six Pack Abs Redneck Cooler Races Redneck Mud Machine
Redneck Hi-Tech Assault Weapon Redneck Water Heater Redneck Trailer-Thing Redneck Kittens
Redneck Rear Window 2 Tattoo of the Year Redneck Pickup Truck Backing Redneck Palm Pilot
Redneck Cannon Redneck Air Conditioning Redneck Ice Fishing Redneck Bathing Suits
Redneck Shop Creeper Redneck "Motail" Redneck Airbags  Redneck Limo IV
Redneck Airplane Redneck Driver's License Fun With Tampons (EXTERNAL LINK) Thanks to Bonnie for this one!  Don't forget to come back to Weeville when you're done. Redneck Racing Boat
Classy Redneck Establishment Redneck Family Album Photo Redneck Security Yankee Redneckmobile
Shitty Reception Redneck Seafood Dinner Redneck Security II Redneck Satellite Dish
Redneck Camping Redneck Thong Redneck Frisbee Contest Redneck Distress Message
Drunk Crossing Redneck Car Seat Redneck Rollercoaster Redneck High-Class Art
Texas A&M Logic Redneck Bike Party Cooler Redneck Moving Day
Redneck Flat Screen TV Redneck Coffee Table Redneck Cooler Redneck Moving Day 2
Redneck Cat Carrier  They Caught E.T. Redneck Cooler 2 Redneck Barbie
Redneck TV Show Redneck Sports Lighting Hot Dog Cooker Duluth, GA Barbie
Motivated Seller Redneck Bar Stool 3 Redneck Bar Redneck Technology
Redneck Fire Starter Redneck Shopping Redneck Grill Redneck Riding Mower
John Deere Tractor for Sale Redneck Shopping 2 Redneck Grill 2 Redneck Riding Mover 2
Redneck Private Jet Redneck 3D Billboard Redneck Grill 3 Redneck Riding Mower 3
How to Avoid Bills Redneck Billboard 2 Redneck Grill 4 Redneck Riding Mower 4
Redneck Yankee Hayride Redneck Toilet Paper Holder Redneck Grill 5 Redneck Bush Hog
10 Horsepower Picnic Table Redneck Pole Repair Redneck Grill 6 Frozen Wasteland Paradise
Redneck Hotrod Redneck Wine Opener Redneck Grill 7 Redneck Fence
Turtle Burgers Redneck Engineering Photos Redneck Swimming Pool Heater Money Dispute
Redneck Tubing Redneck Throne Hurricane Survival Store-bought Cake
 Dream Home Redneck Thanksgiving Redneck Mansion Luxury Deer Stand
Redneck Volunteer Fire Dept. Redneck Tour Bus Redneck Stop Sign Super-Luxury Deer Stand
Redneck CPR Redneck Guest Bedrooms Redneck Rear Window Redneck Overalls
Redneck Wheelchair Redneck Tricycle Deliverance Ladder Hauler
 Jet Ski How to Lock Your SUV Redneck Dog Teeth Redneck Boating
Vending Machine Redneck Swimming Pool  Redneck Birthday Cake Redneck House Boat
Redneck Tank Redneck Swimming Pool 2  Redneck SUV Gun Rack Redneck House Boat II
Redneck Brick Repair Redneck Swimming Pool 3 Redneck Fancy Faucet Redneck House Boat III
Redneck Battery Clamp Redneck Date-Mobile Redneck Sculpture Redneck Yacht Club
Redneck Shower Handles Redneck Tractor Pull Mirror Repair Redneck Church Sign
Redneck Sink Support Redneck Misspelling  Sunbathing Deck Redneck Church Sign II
Redneck Spare Tire Postal Goes Postal  High Dive Redneck Outhouse
Redneck Baby Chair and Teething Ring Multiple Mailboxes  Furnace  Get Some New Wheels!
Redneck Duct Tape Fridge Shelves Cat Litter Mailbox Redneck Police Car Police Chase
A Woman's Use for Duct Tape Redneck Mailbox Redneck Squirrel Sports Car
Another Use for Duct Tape More Redneck Mailboxes Redneck Fence Gate Storm Shelter
A Man's Use for Duct Tape More Redneck Mailboxes II Redneck Field Trip When Rednecks Migrate
Duct Tape Goes Postal Nice Car! Redneck Pacifier  Redneck "Timeout"
Duct Tape Goes Postal II Redneck Landscaping Redneck Senior Scooter Beer
A Dumb Use for Duct Tape Redneck Skiing Redneck Motor Home Redneck House Boat II
Moving Day Duct Tape Redneck Skiing II Redneck Fireplace Redneck Luxury Living
Duct Tape Crack Repair Redneck Kneeboarding Redneck Limo Redneck Gingerbread House
Duct Tape Crack Repair 2 Redneck River Tours Redneck Gathering Redneck Air Conditioner 1
Duct Tape Hammock Redneck Sunbathing Redneck Bodywork 6 Redneck Air Conditioner 2
Redneck Climate Control The Spanish Teacher Redneck Lawnmower Redneck Horse Cart
 Redneck Mercedes Ohio River Hi-Rise Redneck Limo II Redneck Harley
Redneck Porsche Busted in Texas Redneck Limo III Redneck Treehouse
Redneck Corvette Texas Car Wash Redneck Olympics  Redneck Lawnmower
 Redneck Funeral Redneck T-Shirt Redneck Olympics Founder Redneck Camper
If I Only Had a Truck... Redneck T-Shirt 2 Redneck Olympic Torch Redneck Bathing Suit
Redneck COWasaki Anti-Terrorist Training Redneck Special Forces Spring Break
Toyota Cowrolla Redneck Space Shuttle Redneck Aero Kit Redneck Stealth Vehicle
 Redneck School Bus NASA vs. NASCAR? Redneck Airlines Only in Texas
We Fix Trucks Redneck Kid Scooter Redneck SUV Redneck Mountain Resort
Redneck Salute  Redneck Reserved Parking Redneck Tattoo Redneck Farm Art
Redneck Piggy Bank Redneck Easy Chair Tattoo Man Redneck Dawg
So...Your Kid Killed Barney Windshield Defroster A Redneck's Secret Stash Redneck Private Club
 If Billy Bob Made President Redneck Ice Sculpture The Redneck Internet Redneck Bar Stool
Four Wheeler Hauler NOT the Budweiser Beer Wagon Redneckest NASCAR Fan Arkansas Bikers
Four Wheeler Hauler II Redneck Wind Chime Redneck Bra Redneck Shower/Laundry
Four Wheeler Hauler III  Really Fresh Meat Winders XP Redneck Body Work
Yankee 4 Wheeler Hauler Redneck Scuba Diver Redneck Vacation Lodge  Redneck Backward Camper
Redneck Cup Holder Senior Road Rage Redneck Home Schoolin' Florida Biker & Babe
Get Buried Quick (And in Grand Tasteful Redneck Style) South Carolina's First Lottery Winner Question: How Many Rednecks Does it Take to Change a Light Bulb? Super Deluxe Redneck All-You-Need Variety Shopping Complex
Permanent Residence Yankee Redneck Lottery Winner  Redneck Grandstand Economy Car
Redneck Porta Potty If These Were Brains Redneck Street Sweeper Redneck Military Ordinate
Redneck Snow Plow Hillbilly Basketball Redneck Hippie Crash Pad Redneck Star Wars
Redneck 4th of July Mama's New Dress Redneck Hot Tub Redneck Homemade Tractor
 Redneck PC Redneck Yard of the Year Redneck Hot Tub II Potted Meat
 Redneck Commuter Trike Shorts Too Short Redneck Jacuzzi Redneck Dentures
Redneck Mall Parking Redneck House Alarm Texas Redneck Urban Assault Vehicle
Redneck Nuns Redneck Car Alarm Redneck Horseshoes One-Man Flood Party
Redneck Planter Redneck Doghouse Redneck Dream Vehicle Flood Fishin'
Rocking Chair Mower Hauler Redneck Valentine Hillbilly Techno-terms
Toolbox Dawg Redneck Car Show  Redneck 401K Redneck Petting Zoo
Redneck Weather Station Redneck Advice Redneck Plumbing Truck Texas Stretch Limo
Family Life Redneck Hotmail Guess Duh Beer Redneck Coast Guard
Old Beer Jeff Gordon Fan Redneck Snowmen Redneck Fun
Redneck Safe Driving Air-Conditioned Pickup Redneck Crossing Sign Don't Hurt My Truck
Redneck Frying Pan Redneck Ladder Holder Redneck Car Door Redneck Coffee Pot


Redneck Honeymoon - 3.2 Meg - Thanks Steve Miller- This is a Weeville EXCLUSIVE!

Fishing Problem - ANOTHER Steve Miller Original Weeville Video Production

Steve Miller's at it Again - Trailer Park Queen - 2.4 Meg Video!

Redneck Truck Tug of War - 1.4 Meg Video - Ford Wins Again! - Thanks Lisa!

  Redneck Jam

  Redneck Skeet Shooting - 4.1 Meg Video

Don't Rub Your Antlers on the Rope Swing - 2.6 Meg Video - Thanks Moose!

Redneck Merry-Go-Round - 6.4 Meg Video - Thanks Lisa!

The Fishin' Dog - 2.9 Meg Video - Thanks Jeff C.!

Dangerous Fishing - 2.8 Meg Video - Thanks Moose!

Redneck Carpentry Skills - 402K Video - Thanks Jeff C.!

Redneck Carrier Landing - 3.0 Meg Video - Thanks Lisa!

Track Hoe Skiing in South Carolina - 8.5 Meg Video - Thanks Jeff C.!

The Turkey Rap - 4.7 Meg Video - Thanks Leo!

Tough Boat  (External link - please use your browser's BACK button to return here - Thanks Dave!)

Moron Shoots Gun - 470K Video - Thanks Sally!

Rednecks With Too Much Money - 2.7 Meg Video - Thanks Sally!

  A Great Country Song - 3.4 Meg - Thanks Killer!

  Gas-Powered LazyBoy Recliner - 3.6 Meg Video - Thanks Mitch!

From the Deer's Point of View -1 Meg Video - Thanks to Moose for sending this one!

  How to Drive a 4x4 - 3.1 Meg Video - Thanks Lisa!

How to Mount a Tire With WD-40 - 1 Meg Video - Thanks Doc!

Homemade Redneck Carnival Ride  (1.6 Meg)  Thanks Lisa!

  Redneck Motor Home (1.3 Meg)  Thanks Lisa!

Wedding on the Bayou  (2 MEG PowerPoint show)  Thanks Dennis!

  Redneck Power Windows   (2.6 Meg - Thanks Lisa!)

Home Improvement Projects - 875K PowerPoint Show - Thanks Jim!

Noodlin' - A Genuinely Redneck Sport

Redneck Entertainment (945 K - Thanks Lisa!)

Arkansas Intensive Care Unit - A Cardboard Box (5.2 Meg Video)

  Truck Crapper - 2.0 MEG Video - Thanks Jim!

  Best Cop Car DUI Video Ever - 1.9 MEG

Larry at Home Depot -- 2 MEG Video

Redneck Rollercoaster (500K Video)

Bill Dance Bloopers (3 Meg Video)  Thanks, Tracy!

Bill Dance Bloopers II  (4.8 Meg Video)  Thanks Moose!

 Maw and Paw Kettle Do Math (4.1 MEG Video)

"American Greetings" Card - Pappy's Dog (Animated) Please use your browser's BACK button to exit the card

"American Greetings" Card - Redneck Family (Animated)  Please use you browser's BACK button to exit the card


Grits       //    The Difference      //   Redneck Advice     //    Da End    //   Scuba Diving

The Redneck Restaurant Rescue     //      Pray for Leroy   //    Proud to Live in Mississippi

Mississippi Declares War     //     The Tiny Cabin     //     The Bass Boat

Curtis and Leroy   //   The Tree Expert    //  Bubba Went to the Doctor's Office     //     Sod

Redneck Homemade Christmas Card  //  Alabama Murder - Newspaper Clipping     //     Shingles

The Redneck and the Game Warden     //     Two Cajun Hunters     //     BillyBob and Cletus

Only a Southerner Knows...      //     Bubba's New Truck     //     Wisconsin Duck Hunters

The Biggest Collection of "You Might Be a Redneck If" Sayings We've Ever Seen - By Category

Genuine Headline From Arkansas    //    North Carolina Social Worker     //     K of C

Country Music Song Titles      //     Alabama School Excuses     //     Cajun Math

A Weeeeeee Bit.....       //      The Animal Whisperer Visits the Redneck

Redneck Bank Loan   //    Daring Drinking     //    Not a Pig     //     Juggling

Southern Medical Terms     //     Redneck Lent  //     Hillbilly Vasectomy

Cooter and Gomer  //      Hillbilly Duck Hunter   //      Cold Water in Georgia

Creep of the Week      //     Daily Special    //     Cajun DUI     //    Diggin' in Arkansas

Redneck Anniversary Gift     //      You Know You're in a Redneck Church If...

Jokes About Southern States    //    Redneck Dawg    //    The Sears Catalog

Bubba at the Revival  //     Bubba and the Lawyer    //     Walking on Water

A Very, Very BAD Day in a Redneck Household     //      Alabama WalMart

Redneck Census     //  Genuine Headline From Tennessee

Are You a Democrat, a Republican, or a Redneck?

A Marine Recruit Writes Home   //     Southern Logic for Yankees

Rules of the South for Visitors    //     More Rules for Yankees

The Tennessee Talking Dog      //       Redneck Psychiatry

The Hole     //  Hillbilly Birthin'  // Kentucky Gas Station Promotion

Redneck Marital Counseling     //       Cooter's Strange Dream

Stuff From West Virginia   //   Bubba Named the Babies

Redneck 911 Call     //  Redneck Plane Crash  // Blonde From Alabama

Southern Political Correctness  //  Low-Budget Home Security System

Redneck Tip of the Week   //   A Coach's Lecture to a Kid

Dear Redneck Son   //  Rednecks are Good at Sensitive Stuff

Why Rednecks Can't Be Paramedics  //  Redneck Love Poem

The University of West Virginia School of Engineering Final Exam

A Study of Redneck Linguistics      //     Real-Live Laws that are on the Books

 If You Can Actually Identify With All of These, You're Definitely From Carolina

Things I've Learned About South Carolina     //    South Carolina Humor

Genuine Arkansas Rednecks

Martha Stewart's Etiquette Tips for Rednecks     //      Women in Leather

Things You'll Never Hear a Redneck Say      //      A REAL Man from TEXAS

Interpretations of Southern Dialect

Only a True Southerner Would Know...

Billy Bob's Christmas Present     //      Bubba and Billy Bob Visit Tennessee

And Finally - True Redneck Qualities - Not a Joke

A redneck was traveling across Texas when a state policeman pulled him over.
"You got any I.D.?" the patrolman asked.  "'Bout what?" the redneck replied.

You need only two tools: WD-40 and Duct Tape. If it doesn't move and it should, use WD-40. If it moves and it shouldn't, use the duct tape.

Redneck murders are hard to solve.  All the DNA is the same and there are no dental records.

The redneck died and left his fortune to his wife.  The only problem was, she couldn't touch it until she was fourteen years old.

A new redneck law was passed - When the couple gets divorced, they are STILL cousins.

Redneck legislators also raised the minimum drinking age to 32 - they want to keep alcohol out of the high schools.

A redneck invented the toothbrush.  If anybody else had invented it, it would have been called a teethbrush.

How do you know if you're staying in a redneck motel?  You call the front desk and say, "I've gotta leak in the sink." The clerk replies, "Go ahead."


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