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Thanks to Norm for telling this one to me in person!  There's nothing like a well-told joke.

The second graders went on a field trip from Tennessee to Kentucky.  The theme was race horses.  They first visited the stable where all the thoroughbreds were raised, and then they were taken to the track to see the action.

About an hour into the races, a few of the kids were complaining about having to go to the bathroom.  The chaperones decided they would take all the kids at once to keep them together.  One teacher went with the girls, and one teacher went with the boys.

In the mens' bathroom, the boys weren't tall enough to pee into the urinal, so the teacher lifted them up one at a time so they could do their business.  They all lined up and waited their turn to be lifted up.

The teacher lifted up another one, and couldn't help but notice, this kid was pretty well endowed.  After the peeing, the teacher set him down and said, "Are you in the second grade?  I think you may be in the seventh or eighth grade."

He said, "I'm not in school at all.  I'm riding Thunderhead in the 9th race."


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