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A Great Deal:  Quarter Horse For Sale Only You - 3.6 Meg Video - Thanks Mary Lou Lineup: When Pets Go Bad (along with their owners)
Dog Plays Dead - 3.3 Meg Video- Thanks Mary Lou! Odd Couple - 4.2 Meg Video Sleeping Places for Cats
Animal Workout - 6.7 Meg Video - Thanks Gerard! Dog Shaming EPIC Fetch
  How Pit Bulls Really Fight  
The Cat Slipped   Badass Cat - External Link - Thanks Moose! Bob Marley's Brother
Bird Feeder Bandit Missing Lipstick Dog O'Lanterns
Have You Ever Woke Up in the Wrong Bed? Jowl-Hova Witness Animal Cruelty
Tah-Dah! Cat in a Sack Three Dogs in a British Pub - 7.6 Meg Video - Thanks Sister Bea!
Meet the Dog - 4.1 Meg - Thanks Vicki! If Pets Could Blog ID Theft
This Chair Underwater Dogs Pet Quotes
Dogs and People - 2.7 Meg PowerPoint Show - Thanks Sister Bea! Handshake Did You Lose a Cat?
I'm Not Liking This   Jungle Bash -5.7 Meg Video- Thanks Lisa!  Killer Lizard - 1.5 Meg Video - Thanks Poobah!
BALL!!! You Gotta Love the Animals Free to a Good Home
  Dinnertime!  1.4 Meg Video - Thanks Deaf Bob! Nicotine Withdrawal - 2.5 Meg Video - Thanks Robin!   Good Dog - 3.6 Meg Video - Thanks Moose!
  The True Meaning of Dog Sledding - 6.6 Meg Video - Thanks Lisa! If I Didn't Have Dogs There's an Idiot in Every Snapshot
  Patient Cat - 4.0 Meg Video - Thanks Lisa! You Gotta Love the Animals Part 2 Border Patrol Dogs
Bears' Den - 4.0 Meg PowerPoint Show - Thanks Lisa! Eagle Rebirth - 1.2 Meg PowerPoint Show - Thanks Lisa!   Ping Pong Tail 2.5 Meg Video - Thanks Sister Bea!
CPR Dog Halftime at the Dog Show Don't MAKE Me Come Up There! - 4.7 Meg Video - Thanks Lisa!
Dog Swimming Lessons- 3.8 Meg - Thanks Mary Lou!   Squirrel Obstacle Course - 2.2 Meg Video - Thanks Mary Lou!    Cat Door - 1.2 Meg Video - Thanks Shirley!
 Feline Devotion Can You Do This in Your Back Yard? Mad Cat Disease - 2.3 Meg - Thanks Lisa!
Never Raise a Parrot With a Baby - 1.6 Meg Video - Thanks Lisa! Sneakers - 1.7 Meg Video - Thanks Sally! There's a SPY Among Us!
Take Your Time - I'll Wait How to Avoid Traffic Anger Management Tip
Frostie the Dancing Bird's YouTube Channel A Great Dog Story God and Dog - 3.9 Meg Video - Thanks Sister Bea!
Dog on a Swing - 7.0 Meg - Thanks Lisa!  Watch the dog's facial expression Danger - Dogs and Kids Together    Skidboot - 6.3 Meg - Thanks Mary Lou
Cats are Dramatic Inertia - You Left That Stoplight Too Fast Easter Bunnies - Identity Theft?
A Collection of Really Cool Cat Photos  Post This Notice LOW on the Fridge Homeland Security:  Canine Espionage
Irony or Information Overload? Mother of the Year A Rare Albino Squirrel
Childproof Drawer (1.4 Meg) Who Says Animals Can't Reason?  (3.7 Meg)  Thanks Jim!   Home Security (1.3 Meg)  Thanks Leo!
Pole Dancing Bear - 700K - Thanks Moose! Wake UP!  (4.1 Meg Video - Thanks Mary Lou!) Dog Pack Attacks Gator - Gruesome
Trampolines are Dangerous Einstein the Bird - 2.2 Meg - Thanks Jeff!    Dolphin Plays With Water Rings - 2.1 Meg - Thanks Shirley!
If Cats Could Talk - Thanks to Lisa for this Collection! Sophia's Prison Break - 2.0 Meg - Thanks Mary Lou! Obedience School Winner
Fridge Magnet Ten Dog Peeves To God: From the Dog
Lizard Love The Kiss Life Cycle:  Squirrels Have One, Too
Bad Parenting:  Why Ducks Shouldn't Live in the City Bird-Cat... Isn't This What They Are Always Thinking and We Just Don't Get It? When DUCKS Go Bad - It's a Gang Ploy
Beware of the Dog Why Do People Bathe Cats? Dog and Cat Diaries
Conflict of Interest- Run, Rover, RUN! Seasonal:  Pet Halloween Get-ups  Forbidden Love:  Surprised By the Camera
More Conflict-Whose Side are you ON? Magnetic Attraction:  It's Hard to Lie at Times Directive: Rules for and About House Pets and Visitors
The Best Singles Ad Ever BIG Babysitter Where Lab Rats Come From
Whompin' Big Couch Cat Itty Bitty Washtub Kitties Albino Peacock - Awesome
Positive ID - Caught by a Stop Light Camera  Government-Funded Study: Polar Bear Literacy Courage:  One Brave Flightless Bird
The Biggest Bunny Ever Kentucky Bird Dogs Busted
How Many Dogs Does it Take to Change a Lightbulb? What DO You Feed Him?: Supercat A sign of the times - Ghetto Chicks
 Brotherly Love Good Advice: Try to Blend In Like Mother, Like Son: Hippos
   Going Home from Work Friday (981K Video) WATCH THE TWO "GOING TO-AND-FROM WORK" videos back-to-back to get the laugh. Turn up the sound!   Smart Dog - You Gotta See This to Believe it  (3 MEG Video)   The Pepsi Secret Agent DOG Commercial - This is GREAT   (1.8 MEG Video)
 Going Back to Work Monday  (275K Video) Safety Training: Granny Walks Great Dane   Don't You Want to Do This to Somebody Every Now and Then?
Free Treatment - No Money or Insurance required It's a Wonderful Idea to Get a Brand-New Puppy Action Shot: Pampurred
Hey- Get the Message Horror Movie Too Much Tequila
If Looks Could Kill  Can't Find the Cat? Finally Did It
A Reverent Blonde I Think He's Scared Making a Political Statement
Bad Breath - A Real Closeup Road Check - Can I see Your License? Dog Version of Mission Impossible
Orchestrated Crime: Raid on the Icebox Skimpy Swimsuit: Does It Make My Butt Look Big? Pets and Their Owners (10 pairs)
More Trouble: When You Left the Kitchen Carving Pumpkins Empty Stalls: Does a Bear Pee in the Woods?
Shade for Rent: Do You Feel Lucky? Visiting the Vet The REAL Spirit of Thanksgiving
A Cat's Bad Dream More Swimsuits  Georgia Baptism
Unlikely Siblings:  Twins? Redneck Cat  Teamwork: Helpin' Little Billy
Caught Red-Handed: Cat Burglar Too Many Kibbles & Bits: One Fat Cat Get Ready for a Surprise
Natural Camouflage: American Towel Dog Chillin': The Winning Sled Team One Week Later Dogs Look Like People: Michael Jackson's Dog
Breakfast: A Prize in Every Box? Table Scraps: One HUGE Cat Awwwww: A Gallery of Cute Pics
Nudes on a Park Bench Timeless Symbols: Easter Bunnies Another Gallery of Pics - Dogs, Dogs, Dogs
Snoozin':  Dogs in a Row Procedure: How to give a cat a bath It Must be Gas - Smiling Pets
Snoozin' 2:  Cats in Formation The cat that got the bath 2 Warmest Spot on the Farm
Physical Evidence:  If your ass is too SMALL Display:  The cat that got the bath  They're Everywhere: Saskatchewan Rednecks
Marketing Ploy:  Redneck cat carrier Cattitude is Everything Pungent: A funny stinky monkey
High Tech:  Redneck Car Alarm Procedure: How to Give a Cat a Pill Group Shot:  Always a Clown in the Bunch
Redundant:  Redneck House Alarm No Dental Plan:  Redneck Dog Visual Evidence: Your tax dollars at work
A Wet One: First Kiss Proof: Infidelity in the barnyard Navigation: Nice to Have a Map
The Afterlife: A Text Joke Arithmetic: One Smart Chihuahua Things We Can Learn from a Dog (text) 
The Life of Luxury:  Squirrel Health Spa  Cute Pandas Hound Dog
  The Cat and the Printer - 3.0 Meg Video - Thanks Leo!   Playmate of the Year - 3.9 Meg Video - Thanks Moose!   Dog Eating Breakfast - 3.6 Meg Video - Thanks Mary Lou!
Pet's 10 Commandments LIVE!  


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