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Thanks to Leo for sending this one!

The husband was watching TV as his wife was out cutting the grass
during the hot summer.  He finally worked up the energy to go out and
ask his wife, "What's for supper?"

"WHAT?!?  You sit in the air conditioning all day, while I'm out here
working?!?  I can't believe you have the nerve to ask me about supper
right now!  Tell you what -- imagine I'm out of town.  Go inside and
figure out dinner for yourself."

The husband went back in the house, and fixed himself a big steak with
potatoes, garlic bread and a tall glass of iced tea.  The wife finally
finished the lawn, and walked in about the time he was finishing up.
"You fixed something to eat?  So where is mine?"

"Huh?  I thought you were out of town."

His viewing is Monday from 2-4 and 7-9.
His funeral is Tuesday.


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