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I heard that with the economy being so tough right now, that YouTube and Twitter and FaceBook are going to have to merge and the new company will be called YouTwitFace.       After Monday and Tuesday, even the calendar says W T F !!!!    (Lisa)

I don't want to brag or make anybody jealous or anything, but I can still fit into the earrings I wore in high school. (Cousin Vicki)

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Medical Diagnosis A Child's Prayer History - A Disaster of Epic Proportion A Beer Troubleshooting Guide  
 Attention All Border Patrol Agents Full Disclosure The Cat's in Heat Message From Your Power Company   
Parental Dilemmas $383 Paint Job - The Penny Car North Korean Drone Fun on the Farm  
I Gave You Just ONE Job to Do, and... Flawed Chainsaw Logic Deep Water Old Car Guys  
Bee or Wasp? Texas Tornado Warning Unkilled Meat Camera Angle is Everything  
Photo Smiles Bogus Signer Gomer and Darwin Paint a Wall Rare Photo  
NOT a Pretty Vusial Non-Stick GDOT A Cop's Worst Nightmare  
Battery Terminal Winter Comic Loser Keeps Bieber Help You Move  
Haulin' Butt Sniff Snow Lover Rough Neighborhood  
That Moment Met on the Net Culinary Student Scrabble  
Braided Sisters Nopefish Sent With Love Would You Have Invested in These Folks?  
Barbie's Dream? How Pit Bulls Really Fight Haulin' Gass Anger Management  
Falcon in a Tree Position Open Big Tree House A Pretty Imaginative Prank  
How Babies Are Made Weenie Drivers Electric Fence Dramatic Child Custody Case  
Real Man Decorating Tips Pot Field Security Vacation Complaints The Elements of True Friendship  
Notice Anything? Neighbors Fell Out Mental Hospital Release Exam An Inspirational Poster  
It Was Inevitable   Story of My Life New Highway Sign in West Virginia What a Ride  
The World's Shortest Books Smart Kid Modern Life Can You Find the Man's Head?  (A Real Test of Reaction Time)  
College Football Stories New Kind of Tea   Huge Crack Discovered in US Airways Jetliner Cabin Window  
Detroit Residents Stunned Poor Doggy Brilliant Bike Ad The Genuine Attributes of WD-40  
Unique Irish Dinner Honked at a Prius New Network Reality TV Show  
Parking Plumber of the Year Awards Bike Security Can You Read This?  
Decals Coyote Lawsuit - A Court Document I Lied Reality - Gator Caught a Deer  
Titty Bar 2 Incompetence Racing on Drugs Sobriety Test  
PA Meeting What Do You Notice? One of Those Days If Your Computer Disapproves of the File You're Copying...  
Band Gun Good Morning! How's Your Day 2 Friendship Prayer  
Day Care Winter Humor Not Stock Photographic Evidence: The Last Thing He Ever Saw  
Sewage Trucks Great Quote Book Store A Conversation  
Let's Hope I Went Outside It Was Just Too Hot This Summer Anthrax Scare at the University of South Carolina  
ER Creative Exam Answers The Last Photo in the Camera Unusual Gifts  
How Can Anyone Not Want Children? Imposter A Gun Story Square Watermelons?  
Muslim Women Drivers Who is in This Photograph? A New Species Big One Got Away  
An Awkward Parenting Moment Abducted Spark Welcome to Florida
December 21, 2012 Get Well Soon The Holiday Workout Regimen Florida II
Amish Girls Grocery Store Map Auto Repairs Sure Have Changed How NOT to Launch a Personal Watercraft
Look Again Fitness World Let Is Snow The Birds' Revenge
B17 Bomber Service Station Sugar Free Showering Near Pittsburgh-Don't Go the Wrong Way
A Scene From Titanic Great Pranks Dog Pee How to Double the Life of Your Vehicle's Tires 
Shark in the Yard Elk Antlers English is Hard to Learn One-question IQ Test
No Dumping Working Out   Prison Break
The Corrections Collection Hare's the Charmin Great Baby Photo! The Real Deal - The Cedar Point, Ohio Rollercoaster
The Day Has Finally Come Police Witness Photo Bombing Another Real Deal - The U.S. Navy Crashes a Local Gathering
Halloween Costume First Prize A Will and a Way Fatman Car  Illiterate Driver
Hazard Fraught Tools Burger Cooker Safety First Here is Your Sign
Back to School Special 1940 Letter From Henry Ford AA Meeting Trying to Please Everybody (Short Story)
Hopeless Bring 'Em ON !!! Snake Cake A Cowboy's Guide to Life
Bridge Repair Oregon Justice Vampire Road Trip Waterspout at Daytona 150 Qualifying Race
Molly On a Pole Any Questions? Interesting Sheriff Car Graphics
Shower Twister Australian Personal Ad Little Johnny 4 Let Them Eat Cake
Shopping Cart Magic Pasta Sculptures Low Pants Demise of the Doughboy
Finally, a Cure for Plumber's Butt Breast Feeding in Public Causes Traffic Jam Two Kinds of People The New 1040 EZ 2 DO Tax Form
News From Brunswick Going Nowhere Enough Duct Tape A Very Sharp Sign
A Miracle Caught on Video West Virginia Weather Hair The FINAL Medical Study
Crazy Shoes Plane Strike Claustrophobia Food for Thought
This Defies Caption, Almost '58 Merc Turnpike Cruiser Maxine's Take on History Peaceful Escape
VW "Bus" Manure (Bulls***) Spreader Bucket List No Longer Can You Say You'll Never See "This" 
Bug Trikes Hip Replacement Capital Letters Eminem - BUSTED
Yardstick Desktop Dish Gazebo Well-Dressed WalMart Shopper Happy Everything - the only greeting card you'll ever need
Skydiving Accident Soda Brands Safe From Aliens An Incredible Photographic Demonstration of Inertia
She Looked Good Creative Cars Missing Window Stress Relief Exercise
Never Fart in a Mini Cooper Fool Me Neal Armstrong's Secret Some Pretty Intriguing Questions
Hitchhiker Pancake Sculptures? Unpleasant Person The Greatest Used Car Deal Ever - Sure Enough
Blues Name Chart Snowman Humor Various Funnies Exhaustipated
Cop Blurbs Cool Table Radar Lock Short Jokes That'll Make You Groan
Tenjooberrymuds A Cooking Lesson The Virginia Earthquake 2011 2005 Darwin Awards
Electric Lawn Mower Bike Trailer The Race 2006 Darwin Awards
Smart Phone Hanger Warning Never Trust a Skunk 2008 Darwin Awards
Haulin' Granny Pen Tops Wood Stove Made in Finland The Lawn Chair Man
Assailant "Slips" The "They Walk Among Us" Photo Gallery The Mayan Calendar Whompin' Big Burger
What Thu...? Copy Editor Heaven and Hell Seized From a Drug Dealer - What a Find!
No Thanks, I Just Ate Swear Jar Expensive Load Fully Loaded Computer
Ball Drop Poop Car Doctors and Gun Owners The One Coolest Way to Paint a Minivan
Italians Superheroes Caption This 2 Well-coached Child
Fix-a-Flat Maze Lock Christmas Slut A Truly Horrible Sight
HOW Many? Backup Light Weird Christmas Tree Lose-Lose Proposition- Deer versus Dodge Durango
Charlie Sheen's Cat The "Like" Button Gun Guitar Gas Prices are Up Again
Mystery Gift New Year's Resolution Rock Bug Gas Prices are Up II
Horse Anatomy Delivery Room Amazing Photo Gas Prices are Up III
Hunting Dog Risk Out of Meet Gas Prices are Up IV
Bad Invention Tequila 2 Doctor Visit Gas Prices are Up V - X  (Thanks Jim!)
Cake Pan Trade Pepper Spray No Mirror Gas Prices are Up XI
Go Team! Philosophy Chart Safety Idiot 2 Van Gogh's Relatives (pretty silly)
Candlelight Vigil IRS Distractions Jet Fuel
Occupy Europe Budget Tattoo Blue Angels Our Minivan Outran this Tennessee State Trooper
Vegan Notice Alcohol Honk for Grandma Space Shuttle Countdown
Buttons Meanwhile... Draw a Stick Man This is Spooky - Try it Out on Yourself
Paint Job 2 Frozen Car Beerbulance The Thunder Bay Lady and the Moose
You Gotta Hate It God's Gift to Man Water Warning Rooting Out the Terrorists
I Brake For... Express Lane What Thu...3 New California Driver's License
Car Grill Before and After Will Work For... An Oil Tycoon's "House" (650K photo collection)
What Thu...2? No Gold For YOU Hard Times New Arizona Quarter
Captain Hook Parking Woops Great Invention The Purina Diet
Who Wants A... Bumper Thing Great Invention 2 How to Move Uhhhh...Big Stuff
Peter Cotton Ale Open Window Whipped Cream The Road of Death
Internet Quotes Did Phillip Fart? Happy Meat Weird Math
US vs Russia Sale on Aisle 3 NOT a Donut Store Intestinal Fortitude - Poopy Bumper Stickers
Spot the Cat Championship Ring Road Rage  Life is Backward
The Perfect Pair More Safety Idiots Cool World War II History The World's Easiest Test - Can You Pass It?
Stalker Places to Visit Best Bar Sign Ever Oh My GOD
The Miss Airport 2011 Calendar Windshield Crack Charlie Sheen Quick Emergency Room Service
Just Two Blocks From My House... The Power of Alcohol Wireless Technology The New Michelin "Tweel"
New Doctor in Town Warped Artists? The World's First Wireless Signal Lipstick in School
Gas Coupon Procrastination Pie Chart How bin Laden Was Actually Found German Hot Rod
Not Afraid This Kid Means Business Fish Food Ahhhhh, The Joys of Young Parenthood
Chicken Horror Movie Surfing Pineapple The Internet-Famous Amazing Honda Ad
The Way Life Is Bachelor Blender X-Ray Car A Scene That Was Cut from a Star Wars Movie
The Movie Map School Bus? Sea Horse Sylvester Finally Catches Tweety
Tombstone Translations Norwegian Ice Breaker New Italian Police Car Bill Gates vs. General Motors
Modern Romance Novel Testimonial to Christmas Eating 36 or Older The Best Singles Ad Ever
Doormats With a Difference How to Haul a Big Load The Last Photo of an Idiot How to Tell When You've REALLY Pissed Off an Engineer
The Beauty of Math Pumpkin Pi for Thanksgiving Damn Translators 2 Choices, So Many Choices
The World's Biggest Engine Ghoulishly Carved Pumpkins A Hotrodder's TV Dinner A Senior Speaks Out
Tiger's Self Control Halloween Warning Robbed Twice The Four Stages of Life
Photos and Story:  Two Eagles vs. One Duck Mexican Navy Seal Kids! Some Old Friends We Grew Up With
DHS Stats for 2010 Funeral Dress California/Texas Translations Aggressive Driver
Labs Ruuuunnnnnnnnn!!! Globalization You Definitely Do NOT See This Every Day
Wax is Not Your Friend Would You Call This a Major "NATURAL" Disaster? Bushel of Crabs Luckiest Wreck Ever
I Smell Water Do You Know Logos? DMV Study A Note to Myself
The Jane Fonda Memorial Joe Cocker Translated Noah Kentucky Fried Chicken Opens Franchises in Africa
Boredom Emergency Kit We're Never Satisfied Charmin Test Bathtub
Bottle of Scotch Wine vs Water Interesting Test  Play "Punch Tony Stewart"
What Animals Have Taught Me Helena, Montana Street Gangs The American Job Seeker Transferred to Detroit
August 2010 We All Have Days Like This Evolution Plane Hit By Lightning
Kulula Airlines Jail Break iPad vs, Maxi Pad Shark Logic
Texas Beer Joint Sues Church Pigs at the Beach School:  1957 vs. 2010 Yard Sale Bargain?
Fear of Commitment Support Group A History Lesson About Cannonballs Old Car Parts Sculptures Roger Clemens' Dog
Don't Swallow Gum For Chicks Only Remember When We Were Poor? Pre-School Question
Don't Bite Off More Than You Can Chew A New Restaurant Chain Just Hay - SURPRISE! Interesting - The One Dollar Bill
Lisa's Big Bug My New Green Hat Another Theory Major Yacht Launching Gone Really Bad
Accident Psychiatric Hotline Some More Wrong Answers Finally - The ANSWER
Old Cemeteries It's REAL Hot Real Big Gator Fatalistic
Global Warming 2 New Tattoo Pencil Carvings Capitalism at Its Best
Dam Goats Lucky or Blessed? How to Twist Statistics The Truth About Elk
Hotel Soap Blue Marlin More Pencils - Sculptures This Time New York City Air Show
No Words Needed The New Medal Biker Babes Quick Camera Shutter Shot - Cops in Hot Pursuit
Arizona Cactus Is It True? Billy Mays, Here! The Snow Fairy
You Gotta Love the Italians My, How Things Have Changed The Original RV  Assicons
Georgia Rattler Poor Woman A Mother's Wrath Sarcasm
Aircraft Crash System Clutter Old Rolls-Royce Plan Ahead
Reincarnation Is She Blonde? The Real Reason Why  A Book About Golf
A Big Great Gun - Airplane Attached Thaturday Bucket Seat What Does a HillBilly LOOK Like?
You Might Be There Already Daydreaming Humor for Today Reincarnation
Gun Control - A MUST READ! The Importance of Walking Must-Haves for 2010 Map of Europe
Danger! The Bank Account The 6 Truths About Life Human Statue of Liberty
History Blonde Pole Dancer Leaving the Scene of an Accident Lost Puppy
The Queen's Lasted a LONG Time Our Great-Grandparents Pristine 1940 Dodge A Blonde Moment
A Really Good Lawyer 36 Signs You May Be A New Yorker Sperm Check How to Pronounce "Oklahoma"
It's Hot Out UN Survey Chris Farley is BACK! Best Photos from 2006
It's REAL Hot Down South Surgery Update Adopt an NBA Player LED Flashlight
The Original SUV RUN!!!!! Bored at Work? Smiley Face in the Sky
Tiger Trick Minnesota Clydesdale New Ferrari Why Lizards Shouldn't Bungee Jump
Green T-Shirt Home Schooled Ads That Just Don't Work Anymore Losing a Friend
Crackhead Woodpeckers Immigration Hotline Facial Expressions Three Mysteries
Teenager The Funny Sound Maxine - Cooking and Housework Never Piss Off a Guy Who Owns a Backhoe
Biker Stickers Marine Drill Instructor's Dating Rules Clean Underwear  Don't Do Anything Wrong
 Lemon On Turkey Why Teachers Drink The Road-Hugging Tire Alternate Ways to Say It
Turkey Recipe 2 Florida Biker Bar Two Feet of Snow  "Just" an 8th Grade Education
 Jose Cuervo Christmas Cookies The Winter Squirrel The Nobel Prize for Courage Yelling in the House
A Big Little Surprise Stupid Chickens The Window Up S%$# Creek - Literally
The Dung Beetle Bar Going for Birdie Face Lift  A Sobering Truth
Construction Zone Moo Shoe Pork Things That'll Make You Go Hmmm Drug Bust
Art in Match Sticks Model War Ship Life Explained in Graphs Poor Man's Vacation
On the "Go" Really Big Camper Life Explained in Graphs 2 The Buffalo Theory
Facts About Farts A Handy Mouse Calibration Tool Kool Aid Man Can You Find the Canadian in This Photo?
Engraved Pistol Jesse James Letter Texas Chicken Hawk  911 Calls
Name Change The White House Meeting What Bored Farmers Do Boy Genius
Snake Noodling The Tiger Woods Movie The Wood Man One Hundred Years Ago
Thrill Ride The Tiger Game - External Link Flight 1549 Animation - External Link - Thanks Jeff C! Hilarious Photo Collection
Eggstremely Amazing  Tiger's New Family Portrait Airport Security A Rare Find in the Animal World
Poor Dog Tiger's New Sponsor Chevy Convertibles The Swiss Army Gun
Honk Tiger and O.J.  Clever Marketing Ploy   The Best Lawyer Story Ever
Why Yankees Move South Tiger's Facial Surgery He Lives in a Garbage Truck The New One Dollar Bill
Rules Are Rules Tiger and Santa It Snowed in Tennessee The New Five Dollar Bill
Thanksgiving Funnies The New High School Exam Hitch Hiker  The REAL Cause of Global Warming
Banana Test Another Duct Tape Repair Carbon Footprint  Where is My Moose?
The New Year No Service A New Terrorist Group  Real Idiots
Welcome to TPA Stool Bus Tennessee Snowball Winter
West Virginia Women's Club Meeting Coconut Crab Japanese Tow Trucks Winter II
The Latest Poll WARNING! The Next VW? Winter III
Chevy Billboards Christmas Light Frog  Craig's List Ad Teenagers Basically Suck
That's NOT Stainless Steel! Winterplace Traffic Jam Twisted Snowman Humor The Ass Family
Police Dog! My Ass Is Snowed In Hog Hunting in Florida Fake License
Thoughts I Done Thunk The Invisible Man A Sensitivity Training Opportunity Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road?
Northwest Airlines Fleet Upgrade The Dam Problem  Yard Sign Mental Hospital Phone Menu
Crocodile for a Pet  Covert Deal Why Some Women Can't Fix Cars How Cold is it?
The Story of Golf Niagara Falls Frozen The New Mexico Chili Cook-off B-Movie Oversights
Bumper Cars Another Frozen Niagara Falls Shot The Largest Airplane in the World I WANT a Ticket!
Little Girl's Butt Pittsburgh Poodle How to Make Pumpkin Pie Camel Toads
Woodpecker Building in China  Where Pumpkin Pies Come From This Lady is DUMB
The Danger of Garlic  Mexican Recliners Hippo Eats Dwarf A Word Puzzle
 Corn Maze Hot Like Me Landscape Design Action Figures
Location is Everything Email Warning Blind Date  Michael Vick Jersey
Moose Stuck Under a Bridge   Cub Fans Cool 727 House Vick and Lassie
 Moose on the Tracks Bacon Grease Math Equations that Make Sense A Dog's Prayer
Ontario Moose The Spoon Enough Snow is Enough! The World's Best Store
Memory Test British Survey Honey, Will You Go Out and Warm The Car Up For Me? Breakfast
Tiny Corvette Engine Airport Security Solution Planned Retirement Why Things From China are Cheap
Mexican Words No Swine Flu Worries Evil Genius  Grills for REAL Men
 Help the Helpless Flu Mask  Free Lunch Speed Break
 Why NFL Quarterbacks Need Short Names Swine Flu Panic No Green Thing How to Fish in Minnesota
The. U.S. Navy Swine Flu Alert Permanent Marker Wisconsin Titty Bar
Truck Stop Coffee Water Skiing in Viet Nam True Friend  Mona Lisa Comes to America
Cartoons for Twisted People  Peppers From the Garden You Can't Fix Stupid The Marines and the Cop
Pirate Hat Barbie's Turned 50! Deer Going for a Ride How to Load A Moose
 Class Project Gone Bad  Spot the Difference A Tough Par 3  World Championship Submarine Race
A Legal Question  The Electric Fence School Bus in India Fishing Tale or Hunting Tale?
 Nuns in a Bar  The Smallest Girl in the World A Short Safari Story Wanted
Tree Houses Mexican Computer Virus Danger - Dogs and Kids Together Panhandler Signs
The Highest Position in the World Girl Scouts Six Pack Abs Fridge Magnet
Sheriff Judd in Florida New Motivational Posters "David" Returns to Italy  Rapist Search
Guard Dog  Greener Grass Check Your Child's Homework The Email Miracle
 I Need a Favor Gas Grill Maintenance Dutch Department Store Website Need Some Help
 Hang Up and RIDE Housekeeping Tip Interesting Footwear Collection The Email Miracle II
 The Lesser of Two What Brought Flight 1549 Down WVU Players Shouldn't Sit Together Montana State Trooper
 Silence is Golden Coach or First Class?  See the Difference. The Perfect Halloween Costume Bill Stickers
 The Evolution of Math The Solution 1950 Chevy Coupe - 437 Miles On It Celebrity Mansions
 Be Careful Secret Love  Dog for Sale The Best Vegas Ad Ever
Name That Tune  How Twins Are Made A GENUINE Nappy-Headed Ho Graffiti
Gut Check PETA Supporter? Fashion Model Sues Mexican Plastic Surgeon The "Brief Safe"
Harley Hearse  Swine Flu Fatality A Little-Known Fact The Internet
A VERY Different Funeral Swine Flu Symptoms Guess What This Is School Answering Machine
Miss Idaho Overconfidence Major Global Warming Protest There's a SPY Among Us!
A Social Experiment Showing Off a Track Hoe A Mighty Big Pig Security Camera
Maxine's Living Will The New Family of Smart Cars! A Man Re-creates Noah's Ark A Really Really Bad Day for Barbie
 Australian Comebacks Hotelicopter Plaxico's Christmas Blonde Photographer
Barry Bonds Rookie Card Newspaper Clips Finally, A Photo of Little Johnny  New Paris Hilton Sunglasses
The Financial Crisis Hits the UK Unions are Killing This Country Little Johnny's at it Again Bad-Ass Bike
How the Human Mind Works Troubleshooting Skills Little Johnny 3 A MAN'S Grill
Mixing Medicines You Can't Trust 'Em  The Trouble a Horse Can Get Into Run Michael Vick, RUN!
Horse Lover  Hot Rod Snowmobile Dave Barry's Colonoscopy Michael Vick's Jury Has Been Selected
How's Your Day Going So Far? Who is This Man?  50's Woolworth Menu  
Zero-Tolerance Speed Camera Strange Car A Very Young Michael Phelps Image  
Kids Not Only Don't Listen, They Can't HEAR World's Highest Bridge - PowerPoint Show - Use Browser BACK to Return - Thanks Norm for sending this one!    

Major Tax Refund Announcement  250K PowerPoint Show

Photos From the 50's and 60's - 9.5 Meg PowerPoint - Thanks Mary Lou!

Crazy Car Parade - 4.5 Meg PowerPoint Show - Thanks Leo!

Caricatures - 7.8 Meg PowerPoint Show - Thanks Lisa!

I Can See You - 500K PowerPoint Show - Thanks Leo!

The Art of Loading Stuff - 3.3 Meg PowerPoint Show - Thanks Moose!

Memories - 4.1 Meg PowerPoint Show - Thanks Mary Lou!

Home-Raised Grizzly - 1.5 Meg PowerPoint Show - Thanks Mary Lou!

Only in Russia - 2.2 Meg PowerPoint Show - Thanks Moose!

Ice Fishing - 1.4 Meg PowerPoint Show - Thanks to Don in Newfoundland!

Hiring:  Toilet Cleaner - 1.2 Meg PowerPoint Show - Thanks Sammie!

With Much Affection - 630K PowerPoint Show Thanks Lisa!

Shipping the Unshippable - 1.9 Meg PowerPoint Show - Thanks Lisa!

"Only In...."  600K PowerPoint Show - Thanks Phyllis!

Alfa Nero - Whatta Boat!  2.7 Meg PowerPoint Show - Thanks Moose!

Vacation Planner - 2.2 Meg PowerPoint Show - Thanks Mary Lou!

BBQ Invitation - 2.7 Meg PowerPoint Show - Thanks Hoby!

Squirrel Obstacle Course - 2.2 Meg Video - Thanks Mary Lou!

Ferrari is Outsourcing (1 MEG PowerPoint - Thanks Moose!)

Fantastic Trip ( 1.2 Meg PowerPoint Show - thanks Jeff!)

Another Fantastic Trip (2.7 Meg PowerPoint Show - Thanks Killer!)

Where is My Bulldozer? 700K PowerPoint Show

For WWII Buffs - Recovering an Original Tank After All The Years

The Hudson River Jet Recovery - Photo Gallery

Snow?  You want SNOW?  (1.5 MEG PowerPoint show)

Incredible-1.8 MEG Adobe .pdf show: Dubai-The World's Fastest Growing City

Police Answering Machine (.wmv file - turn the sound up)

Some Wrong Answers to Some Tough College Exam Questions

The Road to Lena (2.4 MEG PowerPointShow) (Use BACK to Return) Thanks Jeff!

Blue Beauty (1.8 MEG PowerPoint Show - Awesome)  Thanks, Jim!

Become Smarter  (A PowerPoint Slide Show)

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