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Thanks to Moose for sending this 5.7 Meg video!  This is only a sample of a sport called Noodlin'.  Interesting, because just this week we watched a full-length TV show about Noodlin' on the Documentary Channel.  The show covered the first-ever Noodlin' contest in Oklahoma.

How many of us rednecks have fished from a boat or from the bank with stinky bait in all conditions, and wondered why we never caught the monster flathead catfish?  It's because the BIG fish is down in a hole, or under a stump, just camping in privacy most of the time.  What's the solution?  Wade in there and go get him outta there.  By hand.  Welcome to "Noodlin."

Hay y'all, watch THIS!

5.7 Meg Video - Noodlin


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