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We'd like to welcome a new contributor to the Weeville network!  Thanks, Keith, for writing the story to go with this photo and sending it here!  This is great stuff!

Introducing a new bicycle company with a 'GO GREEN' theme:


'Get Out & Go' Company


New for Spring 2010.....our new 'Go' Series.


Quality engineering at an affordable price.  This great new model, the ‘Porcelain Flyer’, allows you to 'GO' where you've never gone before!  Special engineering innovations like wide body ‘rear’ suspension and our patented ‘lid’ lumbar support gives you more miles and more smiles........guaranteed or your money back.  

More new ‘GO’ models coming soon!   Early summer will see the arrival of the ’Throne’ and ‘John’ models………. all engineered with our ‘Go Green’ theme. 

In the market for a tandem model?  Our engineers are feverishly working to correct the unpleasant “downwind” effect for the second rider on the beta model, ‘The Double Throne’.  We are now considering a ‘side-car’ type of solution.

The ‘GO’ Series is the perfect bicycle for everyone. 

We cater to people with nowhere to go, always on the go and those who wonder where to go.

Please drive responsibly.  Always wear a helmet and refrain from Sudoku, crosswords and Reader’s Digest while driving.  Accessories such as Charmin, Lysol and Tidy Bowl not included in purchase.  Only sold and serviced through your locally licensed plumber.  See the Yellow Pages for a dealer near you.

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