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When I was a kid back in South Carolina, it used to snow.  You could count on it, once a year it would snow about a foot and paralyze the entire region for a week.    They had snow days built into the school schedule.  There were no snowplows, so whatever fell stayed there.  It would get slightly above freezing during the day and turn it all into slush, then it would freeze again overnight.  More days out of school.

We'd go sledding down the hill, and we'd get all bruised up, and we all loved it because we didn't have to go to school.  Glory Days.

Now as an adult (if you can call me that at all), I am most curious about a thing that happens when it snows.  It's the Milk and Bread Thing.  So, no matter where you are, if there's snow coming the stores all sell out of milk and bread.

People who don't even use milk and bread normally, rush to get milk and bread because it's going to snow.  The stores sell out.  It's a nationwide thing, not just here in the South.  Watch the news- it happens every time - everywhere.

So, pour the milk on the bread to make it soft and use it like putty to pack the gaps where the cold air comes in?

Or maybe the milk causes enough flatulence to warm the house?

Ok, let's tear the bread up and feed the birds, since everything is snowed over.  They'll have a blast.

I implore all of you viewing this.....PLEASE answer this question for me - what is up with milk and bread?

Send your wisdom to    I'll post your answer here.  I NEED to know.  It's a nagging question.



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