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 What do you get when you cross PMS, menopause and GPS?
 A crazy bitch who WILL find you!

'If women are so perfect at multitasking , how come they can't have a headache and sex at the same time?'

PIC = Photo or Comic    -  "TEXT" =  A joke in words

PIC Men Versus Women TEXT  Yes, We DO Listen TEXT  A Touching Golf Story
PIC Why We Have Two Hands  TEXT The ULTIMATE Female Joke TEXT ...and That's How the Fight Started
PIC When Men Bake Cookies TEXT The Weather in Dakota TEXT A Short Love Story
TEXT  How I Am PIC  Scientific Proof PIC  Stubbornness
PIC  The Male Ego PIC Woman Driver Adding a Quart

PIC  Body Language

PIC  God's Promise to Men TEXT Romantic Text Message TEXT Divorce Settlement
  PIC  How Mad Is She?  
TEXT  Who to Marry TEXT A Christmas Story  TEXT Jerusalem
TEXT  First Date Conversation TEXT  Complete versus Finished TEXT  Soothing Your Husband
TEXT Apology Letter to Spouse TEXT  Breakup Letter TEXT A Love Story
 PIC Man and Woman TEXT  Homeless Man PIC  Divorce Lawyers 2
TEXT  25 Years Ago TEXT Italian Funeral Dog TEXT   Dig, Dig, Dig
PIC  Proof TEXT Nine Words Women Use PIC Bar Sign in Florida
TEXT Back Seat Cook PIC Same Sex Marriage TEXT Cowboy's Tombstone
PIC  Wearing the Same Thing PIC  The Original Sin TEXT Happy Married Life
PIC Understanding Women TEXT The iPhone PIC Back Off
PIC Divorce Lawyers PICS Why Men Die First TEXT The Talking Centipede
TEXT  How to Marry A Rich Guy TEXT  The Fortune Teller TEXT  The Pharmacist
PIC  Woman's Steering Wheel TEXT  Wine Talking TEXT  Dirty Things
TEXT Complete and Finished PIC Celebration Ride TEXT  Poison
TEXT Men In Heaven TEXT Will You Remarry? PIC  Don't Lend Your Car to a Woman
PIC  The Typical Woman TEXT  The Wife From Hell TEXT  The "Night Out" Application
TEXT  The Morning After TEXT  A Point to Ponder TEXT  The Black Bra
TEXT  Divorced Barbie PIC  Bathroom Rules TEXT Long Ago
PIC  Why Women Stay Single TEXT  Angel-Witch TEXT  Long Ago 2
PIC Duct Tape for Women TEXT The Affair TEXT Two Men and One Woman
TEXT   The Kite TEXT  Out of Town PIC  Lips
TEXT  The Big Problem TEXT  Man Schooling TEXT  Alcohol Lecture
PIC The Christmas Lights Feud TEXT  The Perfect Breakfast TEXT  Marriage Seminar
PIC  Will You Call? TEXT  Eleven on a Rope PIC  The Evolution of Man
PIC  The Formula for Understanding Women PIC  New Seatbelt TEXT  Speeding Ticket
PIC  Three Wise Women TEXT Mad Wife Disease PIC  The Wishing Well
TEXT Before It Starts  TEXT Can't Outsmart a Woman TEXT Female Wisdom
TEXT The Sex of a Fly TEXT The Psychic Daughter TEXT More Marriage Observations
PIC  Complex Moves TEXT  Ole and Lena TEXT  What a Real Man Does
TEXT Fondling TEXT  PMS Defined TEXT  What a Real Woman Does
TEXT  The Urinal Challenge TEXT The Sensitive Man TEXT  What I want in a Man
PIC  Love Birds TEXT Marriage Commandments TEXT  Marriage Quotes
TEXT His and Her Diaries PIC Why Women Can't Sleep TEXT Medical Advisory
PIC Missed Him TEXT  Before and After Marriage TEXT  Female Comebacks
TEXT My Ex-Wife the Pilot PIC It's a Boy! TEXT A Fine Excuse
TEXT The Difference in Who You Marry TEXT Fred's Funeral TEXT Dear Tech Support (WOMAN)
TEXT BBQ Rules TEXT The Amish and the Elevator TEXT Dear Tech Support (MAN)
TEXT Hearing Loss PIC Breakfast in Bed TEXT Strategy Wins Every Time
 TEXT The Man vs. Woman Dictionary  TEXT The Hormone Guide TEXT You Be the Judge 
PIC  How To Potty Train a Man TEXT Devotion PIC The Ultimate in Women's Body Piercing
TEXT Advice from a Retired Golfing Husband TEXT Protection TEXT Winter Classes for Men
 PIC  Married TEXT True Friend    TEXT Long Italian Marriage
TEXT Personality Drinks TEXT Beer Scam Warning TEXT Summer Classes for Women
TEXT  Charity TEXT White Wedding Dress PIC Talk About Luck?
PIC  Dear Dr. Ruth TEXT The Bank Robbery TEXT Troubled Marriages
TEXT  Fishing Trip  TEXT Not a Pig TEXT The 11th Husband
TEXT Hot and Cold Sex TEXT Thought for the Day  TEXT Four Horses
TEXT Geography of Woman and Man PIC The End Of the World PIC The Mole
 TEXT The Golfer at the Dentist TEXT Morning Love TEXT/PIC Business Trip
 PIC  Women and Weight PIC Buying Pants TEXT The Livestock Show
TEXT The Husband Store TEXT  A Man's Revenge TEXT The Newlyweds
PIC Mean Wife 1 PIC Disappointed Mother PIC Wedding Vows
PIC Mean Wife 2 PIC/TEXT Cowboy Rules for Wives PIC Financial Planning
PIC Let's Go Out For a Drink TEXT Young Salesman TEXT Theft
TEXT Three Men on a Hike TEXT One Man in Line TEXT Redneck Anniversary Gift
PIC A Poor Choice of Halloween Costumes TEXT/PIC  Thank You, DeWalt PIC Blonde Photographer
 PIC Lucky Hat TEXT Marriage Counseling TEXT Santa Must Be a Woman
PIC Restraining Order PIC Real Men Use Post-It Notes TEXT  Stop Drinking Beer
TEXT The Rhyme Contest TEXT  Men Have Better Friends TEXT Golf on Christmas Day
PIC Prohibition  TEXT MAN VS. WOMAN PIC Seconds to Live
TEXT Hard to Explain TEXT More Man vs. Woman TEXT The Compliment
TEXT Cheatin' Wife TEXT The Parrot is Dead TEXT Not What He Thought
TEXT The Maid PIC Warning - This is a SCAM!  PIC  The Hair Dryer
TEXT The Taser Incident PIC Mona Lisa Comes to America PIC Discrimination
PIC Bird Watching PICS Men In Training PIC The Female Brain
PIC Free Offer TEXT  Hillbilly Farmer TEXT  The Broken Mower
TEXT A Minor Little "Woops" TEXT  Oil Change Instructions TEXT Cookies
TEXT  Why Having a Gun is Better Than Having a Woman TEXT  Marriage/Dating Through the Eyes of a Child PIC The Elemental Properties of Woman
TEXT Bike for Sale - Classified Ad from Utah TEXT  Brains TEXT Choosing a Wife
TEXT & PIC  Give Up Wine AND Shopping?!?!? TEXT  Eight Words That Have Two Meanings  PIC The Difference Between Men and Women
TEXT The Anniversary TEXT $50 is Fifty Dollars TEXT  Apple Computers' Latest
TEXT Love Poems TEXT  The Postcard  TEXT New Study - Beer Contains Female Hormones
TEXT  Pennsylvania Girl TEXT  Old Girlfriend TEXT UCLA Study on Behavior
PIC (PowerPoint Show)  Mother-in-Law TEXT The First-Ever Blonde GUY Joke PIC  The Three Stages of a Man's Life
TEXT Hiding Place TEXT  Women Fight Back TEXT  Anger Management
TEXT The Parrot TEXT Goodbye Daddy TEXT To Be Six Again
PIC  No More Housework TEXT  Italian Man TEXT The Mirror
TEXT  World's Shortest Fairy Tales PIC Even Animals Know Who's the Boss TEXT A Woman's Description of the Public Women's Restroom
PIC  Equation TEXT Why Men Don't Write Advice Columns TEXT Why Am I Married?
TEXT A Woman's Poem PIC Fatal Mistake PIC Men at Work
PIC  Apples and Wine New Men's Magazine TEXT Most Excellent Products
PIC  First Woman on the Moon TEXT  Midlife Crisis TEXT  I'm Gonna Be a Bear
TEXT  Anger Management TEXT  Living Will TEXT Poor Ol' Bill
TEXT "HUH?" TEXT New Sex Study TEXT The Memorial Stone
TEXT The Final Promise PIC  The "Girls' Room" TEXT Blonde From Alabama
TEXT Phone Call TEXT Stranded TEXT  New Drugs for Women
TEXT Five Rules for Men to Live By TEXT  Why Men Have Two Dogs Instead of Two Wives PIC  The Ten Things Men Know About Women
TEXT Are Computers Male or Female? PIC A Man's Chances of Winning an Argument TEXT Somebody Views Marriage in a Negative Light
TEXT Happy Ending TEXT Why We Split Up  
PIC  Whatever Happened? PIC Scene of the Crash  PIC  Quality Time
PIC  HONEY, I'm HOME ...  EARLY!!!!!! PIC The Mental-Emotional Control Panel: Man vs. Woman PIC ALERT-The New Boss is a WOMAN!
TEXT  Terrible Smell TEXT  Court Hearing TEXT  Female Engineer
TEXT Dang Women Drivers  PIC  Perfect Camper TEXT  Fishing
TEXT  Porsche for Sale PIC  Bridal Sculpture TEXT Cyanide
TEXT Why God Invented Menopause PIC Why Men Shouldn't Take Messages PIC When the Man is Left in Charge of the Housework... 
TEXT Why I Fired My Secretary TEXT  Why Men Wear Earrings TEXT Couples Golf 
TEXT The Ball PIC  Prognosis TEXT Why Men are Happier
TEXT Various Man vs. Woman Subjects TEXT  Who Wants to be a Millionaire PIC ALERT-The New Boss is a WOMAN!
PIC  The Man of the Year Awards TEXT  Bravery PIC   Iron Man Competition
TEXT Safety Device PIC Two-Seater TEXT Cats vs. Dogs
TEXT ATM Machine TEXT The Bottle of Wine TEXT  King Arthur and the Witch
PIC Woman Car Lot TEXT 2 Men Fishing TEXT FBI Job Opening
PIC  Woman Mouse TEXT New Warning For Men TEXT Women in Leather
PIC  Woman Speedometer TEXT  Elderly Couple TEXT  Impatient Golfer
PIC  Woman Hammer TEXT  It's Barbecue Season Again PIC  More Men - Safety Idiots
PIC Woman Bowling Lane TEXT  Multiple Choice Quiz for Men TEXT  You Know You're a Mom When...
PIC  The Manogram PIC  A Woman's Computer TEXT "Priceless"
TEXT  Men Strike Back! TEXT Understanding Women TEXT  Women's Ass Size Study
TEXT "Things" Have Gender Too PIC  Before & After 6 Beers PIC Headache
TEXT Hormone Hostage TEXT Because I'm a Man TEXT University Testing
PIC  What Every Woman Wants PIC Annual Meeting TEXT The Men's List of Rules
PIC  Just Get Her the Diamond PIC  Beware PMS PIC  Unplug Me

  Brain Design - Man Vs. Woman  -  5.3 Meg - Thanks Mary Lou!

  Romantic Men - 5.0 Meg Video - Thanks Moose!

  Wonderful Husband - 2.2 Meg Video - Thanks Lisa!

  You Might as Well Have a Great Story - 3.5 Meg Video - Thanks Moose!

  A Man-Planned Wedding - 1.5 Meg Video - Thanks Lisa!

  Nitro Boat - 6.6 Meg - Thanks Leo!

  The Shower Caddy - 1.4 Meg - Thanks Jeff C.!

The Wife Training Video - 2.6 Meg - Thanks Jeff C.!

  Shut Up About Golf - 1.5 Meg - Thanks Jeff C.!

Beer Commercial - Men Love This One!  2.6 Meg Video - Thanks Sally!

Every Man's Dream Woman - 1.1 Meg Video- Thanks Sally!

Why Women Have Breasts - 1.4 Meg Video - Thanks Jeff C.!

  Why Babies Have Mothers - 2.9 Meg Video - Thanks Jeff C!

  His-and-Hers Closets - 2.1 Meg - Thanks Chuck S.!

How to Think Like a Woman - 2.0 Meg Video - Thanks Lynne!

  Why Women Need Catalogs - 2.7 Meg Video - Thanks Mary Lou!

The Smartest Man in the World   3.7 Meg Video   Thanks Mary Lou!

The Man Song - 2.9 Meg Video - Thanks Mary Lou!

How to Use Handcuffs in Bed - 760K Video - Thanks Mary Lou!

Gone Fishing  (1.7 Meg Video)  

  A New Car For Women - (1.3 Meg Video) Thanks Mary Lou!

Menopausal Women (2.9 Meg Video)

  Why Women Live Longer (414K PowerPoint Show-please use your browser's BACK button to exit)

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