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Keith Turk is the ECTA (East Coast Timing Association) Race Director.  The ECTA holds land speed events at the Maxton NC airport several times a year.  To learn more about the ECTA and the Maxton event, click HERE.  It's great fun - we went to the April event this year and really had a blast meeting Keith and lots of other folks, all the while the cars were going down the one-mile track (a used-to-be airplane runway) one at a time trying for speed records in their own vehicle's category.  To see the photos I took at the April '10 event, click HERE.

Keith Turk holds land speed records in a BUNCH of categories and is extremely accomplished in a whole lot of other areas in life as well.  What a guy.  To see Keith's photo and an all-too-short story about him, click HERE.

I haunt a hotrod forum where lots of the ECTA speed guys hang out.  I was able to personally meet one of the ECTA volunteers (Matt) who lives in our area.  He turned us on to the Maxton event and so we went.  Meantime Keith didn't know me, but he knew I was "there" in the forum.  So I was looking forward to meeting him.  Friday afternoon before the event Matt walked Sue Unit and me up to Keith and said, "Keith, this is peewee and Sue Unit."  Keith shook my hand and then shook Unit's hand and immediately said, "You could have done better than him."

That got a belly laugh from me, but as the weekend went on I knew I had to do a return of serve somehow.  The fodder was too easy.  Keith got up and made a speech to everybody before the event started on Saturday morning.  The words to this song are almost verbatim...well, at least synopsized from the speech.  Over and over again to make his point, he said....well, you'll hear the line:

The Keith Turk Song