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A blonde said, "I was afraid my car mechanic might try to rip me off.  I was SOOOOOO relieved when he told me all I needed was turn signal fluid."

"I just read that neuroticism, coupled with anxiety and smoking, can result in a 40% greater chance of early death. If this is true, I'll be dead by lunchtime." (Lisa's Sister)

Sister Mary Katherine The Stuttering Cat Boudreaux Got Married
An Irish-American Story Jose and Carlos The Catholic Soldier

A Woman of 65

Death Bed Will
The Lone Ranger and Tonto Detective Story How Was I Born?
The Cell Phone Will You Remarry? Farm Kid
An Irish Joke Amish Lady Driver Blind Pilots
Jewish Comedians Slick Italians The Young Monk
Guitar Man The Ranch Hand Fiddling
Rare Condition Jewish Elbow Irish Blonde
Cajun Funeral Wise Italian Grandfather Bruce and Jenny
Grins and Snickers

Tonsils vs. Circumcision

Need Help?
The Woman and the Cop Sex After Death Crow Mortality Study
My Favorite Animal Dead Parrot The Silver Screw
Dead Penguins Lovers How is Norma?
Three Beers Trip to Italy Bad Experience
The New Bull The Baptist and the Cowboy Irish Daughter
Sobering Thoughts Abe and Esther Irish Tradition
Never Ask a Drunk Couple Sex Bad Day
Two Quarters or a Dollar? Lie Detector Robot Boudreau and Thibodaux
Cussing Another Little Johnny Joke The Affair
Golf Story Little Johnny's Math Lesson Broke is Broke
The Bear Remover Too Cold to Pee Two Men and One Woman
Medical Status Shingles Maturity
3 Little Pigs Cow Talk Jesus Loves You
My Daddy Sleeps Naked Widdle Wabbit Bran Flakes
The Spinster's Estate It Makes Sense A Pittsburgh Joke
The Pharmacist The Tonsil Story Biology Class
Cajun Angels The Lonely Frog A Biker Story
Louisiana Police Work The Morning After Susan Boudreaux
Some Short Jokes Doctor Dave Political Affiliation
Texas Baby Okay, Let's Offend EVERYBODY How to Stop Church Gossip
Golf Fetish Golf Panties Golf Bet
Toilet Conversation Dog Lover Minnesota Volunteer Fire Department
Two Nuns Navajo Message for the Moon The 11th Husband
The Wife From Hell The Parrot Why Sharks Circle
Grandpa and the IRS Constipation Old Jewish Man
The Barber Shop Customer Hotel Bill The Bus and the Zipper
Never Felt Better Brothers Eat Your Fingers
Air Force Pilot Yard Sale Nun in a Cab
The Afghan Quarterback Clothing Donation What is Sex?
Wisconsin Joke  68 and Pregnant  The Dying Preacher
Italian Boy's Confession Bad Day New Deodorant
 Colonoscopy Sweet Story Tighter Grip
The Italian Wedding Test Phone Problem The Country Doctor
The Male Stripper and the Red Hatters Sniffer Dog Obscure History
Irish Milk Texas Hiring Practices Murphy's Hat
Coyote Problem Resimay A Very Sharp Cop
 Jesus Knows You're Here Hearing Loss Army Life
The Secret to Long Life No Speak English Ralph Got Drunk and Died
God Loves Drunks Too Fishin' Story Really Old Cajun
Stick Deodorant Going Camping Splinters
Little Zachary GREAT Try! Lost Wives at Lowe's
Childhood Memory The Best Pickup Line Ever Logic 101
Dead Duck Las Vegas Churches Never Assume
Holy Prostitutes Da End Two Little Boys
Viagra Scuba Diving Which is the Smarter Woman?
 Undies Say What You Mean Mafia Lawyer
Bricklayer Incident Red-Headed Baby Nordakota
 The Cussing Parrot  Bo the Dog Goodbye Mom!
Let Me Lean Drunk Cowboy Texas Rancher
Will Power Testicles Garter Snakes are Deadly
Weeding Out the Terrorists The Teacher Juggling
 A Lawyer with a Heart  Afternoon Sex Fishing Trip
Not a Pig  No-Name Toilet Paper What Causes Arthritis?
 Blind Cashier Montana Humor Classic Frog Joke
Veterinary School The Race Track  Cave Drawings
 The Confessional Curtis and Leroy The Half-Wit
A Frickin' Elephant 9 Months Later  Can of Peaches
Tired Nurse God and Science Young Love
Hunters Daring Drinking Traffic Camera
Federal Agent Lexus Shopper 158 Years Ago
Redneck Bank Loan  Finally Together Poker Game
Hospital Call  Super Bowl Seat Gas at the Dinner Table
 Strong Old Guy At the Pub On a Bus...
Blonde Pregnancy Test The Gynecologist Changes Careers The "Good" Grandpa
Cutting Work Hard to Explain A Riddle
Blonde Carpenters Turpentine Thibodeaux and His Son‏
A Blonde's Year in Review Shoveling Snow The Old Cowboy
The Porch Too Late The Old Cowboy 2
Alligator Shoes Bullets Valerie
The Blonde Mortician Mental Hospital Hellman's Mayonnaise
The Blonde Cookbook Riding with PaPa Redneck Lent
Blonde Jigsaw Puzzle Investment Tips Mr. Cowboy
Frozen Crabs  Three Ladies in a Sauna Baptist Cowgirl
The Blonde and the Cow Italian From New Jersey Splain to Me Daddy
Trucker's Breakfast Clean Shave Cajuns Ain't Dumb
Electrocution Nooner
 Blonde Flat Tire Margaritas  The Animal Whisperer & The Redneck
Blonde Swimmer Lovers Lane Done Anything Wild?
 A Gallery of Blonde Jokes Aunt Karen Two Garbage Bags
A Blonde at the Car Repair Shop Welfare The Ventriloquist
Another Blonde at the Repair Shop What's in a Name? The Game Warden and the Boy
A Blonde Watches the News Golfing in Montana The Ugly People
A Blonde Does Football Environmental Woes in Canada How Doctors Make Decisions
The Blonde's Password Don't Lie to Mama Two Catholic Parrots
The Blonde Telegraph Message Final Exam at Penn State A Brave Cowboy
Milk Bath Where ARE We? A Young Gunfighter
 Replacement Windows Don't Marry a Democrat Drunk vs. Biker
A Florida Blonde in Pennsylvania A Moral/Ethical Dilemma Another Gunslinger Joke
Blonde Detective Rape Case Tough Cowboy
Curtain Shopping The Hole The Houston Flight
The Blonde in a Blizzard
Sick Leave The 7 Dwarves Her First Job
Blondes on a Bus Mississippi Farmer Cowboy on a Plane
A Touching Elephant Story with Real Impact Short Jokes That'll Make You Groan A Canadian, bin Laden, and a Texan
The First-Ever Blonde GUY Joke Forrest Gump in Heaven Irish Priest in Texas
Road Trip Ducks in Heaven A Very Short Story
Blonde From Alabama Baseball in Heaven Riddle
A Blonde and the Lord Materialistic Lawyer Eating Right
The Blonde Makes a Bet Goodbye Daddy Kids in the Drug Store
 Who Wants to be a Millionaire Blonde? Two Wishes Drunks are Observant
The Blonde and the Chimps Southern Grandma Italian Golfer
More Blonde Jokes Natural-Born Citizen  
More MORE Blonde Jokes    
Snow Emergency The Hypnotist Newfoundland Humor
Why Parents Drink Acts 2:38 Technology vs. Brains
Statues  Dumb Kid? Politicians
Rear-end Collision Taxi Driver Skilled vs. Unskilled
The New Supermarket Hollywood Squares Two Old Farts
Everybody Knows Benny Drunk Patron Big People Words
Polish Eye Test Why God Invented Menopause A Cure for Snoring
Polish Sausage The Ring Texas Circle Flies
Cyanide The Golfing Nun Stranded
Church Donation The Tickle Me Elmo Debacle Senior Moment
New Windows Cold Winter Three Parrots
You Have Two Cows Military Jokes Broke is Broke
Redneck Plane Crash The Irish Castaway What Do Deer Think?
A Union Brothel The Irish In Us "Priceless"
British Hospitality Hiding Place Wal-Mart Greeter
A Visit to the Vatican The Meaning of "Service" The Priest and the Hair Dryer
Stop Clapping The Service The Value of Understanding English
Is it Scotch? Fast Sex The Koala and the Lizard

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