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First let me introduce myself. Iím Jeff Childers, and I knew PeeWee when he worked at Catawba. We talked about his Canadian experiences, and I told him that I had one for him. David Johnson and I went to Detroit for a union safety conference a couple of years ago. While we were there, he decided that he wanted to go to Canada, because he had never been. I had traveled with my grandfather when I was twelve, and had the whole Niagara Falls Canadian experience. We left Detroit on our way to Windsor, and it was a trip through a dilapidated side of Detroit. We passed parks with "crack heads" and other degenerates. When we got to the border, our Canadian window lady asked us why we were going to Canada. We told her Davidís story of never visiting there. She asked for our driver's licenses, and scanned them on some machine that she had in the booth with her. We asked what we needed to exit, and enter the country. She said, "Your driverís licenses will be enough for you." She asked us if we had any weapons, our answer was, "No!" and she said it was O.K. to enter Canada. We drove through and made our way down the road. We just went down the road until we stopped at a motorcycle shop and talked to the owner. He looked like an Australian, almost Mel Gibson like, but was Canadian. He had some great Motorcycles in his shop. Hereís David and I, and some great bikes.

After about two hours we returned to the border. Thatís where our problems began. While waiting in line at the border, there was a car in front of us that was running hot. The lady got out of her car and started walking toward the border. Thatís when twelve guys came running out with guns drawn toward her. They ordered her to get back in her car. They pushed the car aside, and took both the woman, and her male friend into a room on the side of this place. David and I both said to each other, "Damn! They take this stuff seriously!" We eased on up toward the border gate, and then it was our turn. He may have been twenty-one and a day. He was a Barney Fife, if you ever saw one. He asked for our credentials, and we handed him our driverís license. He looked at them, and asked for our other credentials. We told him that was all that we had. "So you are American citizens he asked." "Yes!" was our reply. "Where are your other credentials?" was his reply. We told him of our trip in, and the lady telling us that all we needed was our driverís license. Thatís when he said, "Step out of the car!"

He then searched our entire car, from front to back. He said, "Get back into the car!" He looked at his computer screen again, and said, "Why would you leave your country without proper credentials to get back in?" We told him what the lady in the toll booth told us about only needing our driverís license. He puffed his chest and said, "Thatís like asking for lawyer advice at McDonaldís!" "This lady works for minimum wage, and your trusting your citizenship with her?" All we could say was, "Yea!" He walked around the car once more, looked in both the passenger and driverís window, and then told us that there may be a problem. He went back to his booth, just like the first lady had, and looked at the computer screen again. He came back out, and said, "I'm going to let you pass this time, but next time have all of your proper credentials." As David and I drove off, David said, "I wish I could find that SOB when he gets off from work, because I'll kick his ass!" I looked over to my left, and there were the twelve guys who had just drawn guns on the lady in front of us with the overheated car. I told David, "Letís get in the USA before we make any threats, because they may be recording what we say!" We drove in silence for the next few miles. I then made a wrong turn off the interstate, and drove across a bridge where we met a police car almost head on! He followed us for several miles, but I think he got the fact that we weren't from around there! When he finally pulled off of the interstate, we took the next exit, and got a "cold" beer for the ride home. I don't know about David, but I needed twelve! I did wait until we got back to the hotel until to get the other eleven! Don't Drink and Drive! Don't Leave Your Country Without The Proper Credentials! 

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