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Dumb Move - 2.1 Meg Video- Thanks Lisa!   //   Building in China    //      Aptly Named

How to Cook a Deere     //     Where Not to Set Up a Crane - 1 Meg Video - Thanks Moose!

Crane Wreck   //    Crane Wreck 2        //  Tractor Stuck    //     The Boat Goes in FIRST

Tow Truck "OOPS" - 2.6 Meg Video - Thanks Moose!

Carved-up Airplane  //  Saved by the Boat     //     Mashed-flat Cop Car

How to Load a Big Boat Onto a Pickup Truck       //     Combine vs. Chevy Pickup

Did you Hear that Noise?  What WAS that?  I dunno, just keep going.

An Engineering Quiz     //      Moose Versus Minivan

Tailgating Party!     //    If a Tree Fell...     //     Ka-POW!

Watch Out For The....Too Late   

Car Fishing - Some days Are Better Than Others (10 pics in Sequence)

Giant Rock?       //     Driveway Pole - Not an Insurance Claim Yet

Messed Up Fence   //  Drive Train Vibration

Container Wreck      //      Horse versus Car

Where's the Ship?     //   Broke the Truck

 A Military Tank "Woops"   //     Made it There Safely

Let's Hope This is a Takeoff, and Not a Landing

Digger  //  Driver Couldn't Read  //  Launching a Water Craft

Jet Hits Ground Equipment  //  Some Mighty Bad Parking

Boat      //   Nice Landing...Almost    //     Amateur Lumberjack

Fork Truck (Look How Much Worse this COULD have Been!)

The Downsizing of a "Big" Red Service Truck

Welcome to Arizona  //  A New Definition of "Carpooling"

Deer versus Dodge Durango  //  Wrong Turn