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Thanks to JLVeer for sending this one!

Paul tries to take his friend hunting, but when they get to his favorite hunting spot, they find ďNo TrespassingĒ signs everywhere. Paul tells his friend to wait in the car and walks up to the nearby farmhouse. The farmer answers the door, and Paul says, "Sir, Iíve hunted on this property all my life, but now I notice you have a bunch of signs up. I wanted to see if it was still OK for me to hunt here."

The farmer scratches his chin for a bit and says, "Iíll make you a deal. Weíve got this cow out back that we have to kill for food, but weíve grown too attached to it. If you go out back and shoot my cow, Iíll let you hunt on my property."

Walking back to the car, Paul decides to play a joke on his friend. "That old bastard wonít let us hunt on his property," he tells him. "Iím going to shoot his cow!" He then walks over to the side of the house and-BLAM!

Suddenly two more shots ring out behind him, and his friend runs up, yelling, "I got the cat and dog too! Letís get the hell out of here!"


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