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Occasionally I throw horseshoes.  We have horseshoe pits at Weeville.  I get out there every now and then and toss them around and once a month I get a ringer.  It's fun.

So, Sue Unit subscribes to the local paper and reads that there's  a benefit thing going on outside of our little town at a happening spot, way out in the country.  Buford.  The festivities include a horseshoe contest, so we go.

There we were.  Upper South Carolina Locals.  The salt of the earth.

Folks, let me tell you - there are some horseshoe throwers around here. 

From the draw, I got a partner about 20 years my junior.  She got in a few good shots, and I got a couple myself, but we were soundly defeated.  It didn't last long.

And we weren't even playing against the real throwers.  They came on later.

The real guys throw shoes every day of the week.  Some of the guys we met have an indoor facility where they practice, rain or shine.  Every day.  They live for a tournament, and they all know each other.  It's a matter of pride and bragging rights.

At any rate, it was a phenomenal thing to see - you get two horseshoes to throw at each turn.  If you were playing against any of these real horseshoe throwers, .... if you don't get two ringers, you lose.  Because they will get two ringers.  ESPN is missing a great opportunity by not covering any horseshoe tournament at any small town anywhere in America.  Because there is an art and a talent to it, as sublime as it is.  Go ahead - throw a horseshoe, and see how close it gets to the "stob."