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We had lived in our house here in Tennessee for a full year when I finally "saw" the wallpaper in the kitchen.  I was sitting in a chair in the kitchen and Sue Unit was giving me a haircut.  I was just sitting there staring straight ahead, holding my head still, staring into space.  Suddenly my eyes focused on the wallpaper.  Septic tanks full of flowers, LOOK at that wallpaper!  That was the ugliest wallpaper ever.  It looked like the upholstery on great grandma's Victorian couch.  That had to go.  It took a month for us to rip it all down and fix the walls and repaint.  In a year, I had never "seen" it before.

It took me a year to "see" the wallpaper, and it took me three years to finally "see" the fence around the back yard.  A couple weeks ago I finally "saw" the fence.  It's a neighborhood blight, an embarrassment to the whole community.  I just never "saw" it.  Tomorrow (March 7, 11) it's getting replaced.  Too big of a job for us to do, we're hiring it out.  Just LOOK at this monstrosity:

Photos of the new fence:

Whatta long day, and whatta HUGE improvement!   Click on the thumbnail images o make them be big, then use your browser's BACK button to return here.





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