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My brother-in-law Steve quoted somebody when he so profoundly said, "Youth is wasted on the young."  Think about that.  That is HUGE.  But there it is...

What You Do - By the Decade     //     Don't Mess With Seniors     //     "Honey"

How Fairy Tales Really End    //    A Day at the Zoo     //     Speeding Senior

Grandma's Peanuts    //   When to Give Up Your Driver's License     //     Poem

The Cow and the Ant and The Old Fart     //     Live to be 80?

Advice for an Old Guy    //    Pills     //     Driver's License 2   //     If Lost

Thanksgiving Turkey     //     Think Fast   //   Senior's Medicine Cabinet

Senior Ponderings     //     Fender Skirts and Supper    //    Getting Older

Car Keys     //     My Neighbor     //     Five Riddles    //   Snotty Receptionist

Retired People     //     How Man Changes     //      Grandma's Birth Control

The Autumn Years Dating Service    //    Alzheimer's Test     //    Cell Phone for Seniors

The Worst Age      //     Senior Exercise    //     Class Reunion    //    Senior Center

98 and No Enemies    //    Senior Texting Code    //    Tony and Yvonne

Dementia Quiz     //      Retirement Plan         //      The Lawyer and the Old Fart

Dementia Quiz 2     //         Ida and the Frog     //    Old Harold

Getting Old Sucks       //       Aging     //      My Travel Plans

Christmas Wish     //     Reverse Harassment     //     The Door Frame

The Sample           //        Princess Cruise Nursing Home     //   SOS

Breaking News     //     The Definition of Old     //     Life Explained 2

It's Tough Getting Old       //      Classmates    //    The Cat in the Hat

Old Folks Comic Collection     //         AARP      //       Can of Peaches

Swim Botique   //      Retarded Grandparents       //       Parking Ticket

Parachute Club     //     The Senior Cell Phone     //  A Story About Growing Old

Senior Olympics     //     The Cow, the Ant, and the Old Fart    //     Pants

The Truth About Old Folks    //    Anger Management 3    //    The Mirror

 Ode to Forgetfulness (YouTube link- Use your Browser's BACK Button to Return Here)

Elderly Road Trip       //       New Wine for Seniors       //     10 Tips for 2009

Will I Live to Be 80?   //   With Age Comes Wisdom   //   Nobody Believes Seniors

The Perks of Being Over 60    //     60's Hits for Baby Boomers     //  AARP Q&A

Bill and Sam        //     The Secret to Having a Happy Life     //      Sunday Paper

Retired with a Job      //  Private Part       //      What I'm Doing Today

An Exercise Regimen for Folks 50 and Over      //       The Silent Fart

The 911 Call     //      Physical Exam    //    Physical Exam II    //   Physical Exam III

Lovemaking Tips      //     Rye Bread      //    The Radio     //    Senior Wear

Medication      //     Anti-theft Device        //  Good Plan        //         Old Age

The Wheels of Life     //     Stray Parrot         //    Two Old Drunks

  Don't Honk at Granny - 1 Meg Video - Thanks Mary Lou!

  What's in a Name?  5.8 Meg Video - Thanks Deaf Bob!

The Boomers' Theme Song - 2.4 Meg - Thanks Shirley!

The Baby Boomer Battle Hymn - 2.7 Meg - Thanks Lisa!

Senior Moment for Those of Us Who Took Typing in High School

  Customer Service  (1.4 Meg Video - Thanks Leo!)

Christmas Divorce?     //      The Most Cruel Eye Test for Old Men

Senior Want Ads      //    Senior Drive Through      //    Skinny Dipping

 PICKLES Cartoon     //      Boomer Pie Chart

Topless Sunbathing      //       Let Me Lean     //     A Senior Moment

The Getting Older Cartoon Collection    //     A Short Collection of Items

Which Syndrome?    //   Jacob and Rebecca    //       POOF!

HUH?     //    A.A.A.D.D.   //    AIDS Warning   //       Extra Years

Life is Backward     //     Quotes    //    Finally Together


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