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A Big Weeville welcome to Gene in North Bangor NY who sent these pics.  Thanks for joining the fray Gene!  He says,

"The first photo was at a Burger King in Potsdam NY showing a 4 wheeler strapped on top of a Ford Fusion, parked in a handicap spot.
For the second shot, they stopped for a photo op. The 5 guys inside the car were so proud, even though the 3 guys in the back seat couldn't get out because the only strap holding the 4 wheeler on, also went through he back windows and held the doors shut too.

When we first saw this, we drove on by, but had to turn around and go back for a pic so people would believe it. And coincidentally, on the radio at this same time, the announcer was talking about some guy towing a car with another car using an extension cord and ladies nylons as a tow strap! Where do they come up with these ideas?"

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