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Redneck Fountain:  Sue Unit had our good friend and neighbor install us a water pump.  It's a 1/2 horsepower pump that pulls water out of the lake to spray all over the yard onto Unit's plants and flowers.  Running the pump is cheaper than using city water for hours a day, and the lake has more water than we could ever deplete or reduce.  Plus, it's non-chlorinated and full of fish poop.  Good to make things grow.

So then she reminded me that one of the crazy ideas I had once was to have a fountain on the lake.  When I was working in Birmingham, every morning I drove past an office building that had a decorative pond with a water cannon shooting straight up about 50 feet.  Impressive.  At that time I searched the net and found that such a thing costs way over a thousand dollars just for an entry level apparatus.  More if you want it lighted at night.  So I forgot about it.

So, with the pump already installed, we started brainstorming again.  To make a longer story short, Sue Unit designed the floatation system for this thing while we were at Home Depot.  Toilet balls and a $3.00 yard watering ring.  I put it together with tie-wraps and anchored it to the bottom of the lake with string and bricks.  I ran a garden hose to it, and voila. The filled garden hose sits on the bottom of the lake and makes no obstruction to bass fishing.  Truly and joyously redneck.

On the bench:

On the water:

Great huh?  Pretty nice really.  Not good enough.  After three different sprinkler heads and about 20 attempts to get the thing anchored from the boat, we had an oscillating thing that makes a huge pattern on the water.  It really IS a delight.  You have to sit on the pier to see it and hear the puts you to sleep.  Wonderful.  We're selling these things for a thousand dollars if you want one, but you have to buy and install the pump yourself.

Oscillating Fountain Close-up:

Oscillating Fountain Distance Shot:

Note:  A small panel of our neighbors soon gave the thumbs-down to the oscillating shower.  They said that from across lake the oscillating job looked like what it was - yard watering equipment installed on the water.  Like farm equipment or something.  They said the ring made a beautiful fountain, but the oscillating thing was a bad idea from an aesthetic standpoint.  So it's now back to the ring forever.

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