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Confederate Jasmine  Climbing on this trellis is a Confederate Jasmine, planted last year.  As you can see, its a fast growing vine.  What you can't see YET are the aromatic white star shaped flowers to come......tune in later to see the blooms.

In the foreground are scabiosa, great for attracting butterflies.  If we could get them to hold still (the butterflies), we would post pictures of them for you too, but no luck so far.  These plants flower in a purplish blue hue all season long. They also multiply like crazy!  I expect to cover a lot more of the garden with them.  This section is also planted with Shasta daisies coreopsis (tick weed). 

Bleeding Heart  New to the garden last season, this is the first year we have had blooms.  Sure was a sight to behold in its prime.  It is an early spring bloomer, and had put on a great display before this picture was taken.  When it shrinks back, you will be able to see the lily of the valley planted behind it.


Columbine  The state flower of Colorado thrives here at Weeville.  These plants were single blooms when first put in, look at all the blooms now!  One is a delicate pink color, the other snow white.  I am looking into how to divide the plants to cover more area.  Just today, I added 30 freesia bulbs that should bloom late summer, so we can enjoy color and fragrance all season long.

Irises  Would you look at these!  This is the first year the plants have been loaded with blooms.  Seen here is the first of the season......with more opening every day.  Today we noticed a yellow bud ready to bloom in a few days.  I sure am looking forward to spreading these around!  Interspersed with the iris is Siberian lavender.  They have a delightful scent, even though they have no blooms yet.  The leaves and branches are scented even more so than the flowers.  The lavender does well even in poor, dry soil.  What a bonus!   A Few Days Later


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