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Thanks to Lisa for sending this one!  When I saw this, I was just plain brain paralyzed.  I can usually caption something instantly, but not this one.  I called on the help of my great friends on the BangShift forum and they did a great job of it.  The captions are below the photo.

BURNOUTBOX:    Redneck

boxer3main:  the tractor died doing what it loved.

Dan Stokes:  Bob won't be with us no mow?

70checyC-10:    "Just a little off the top please" - I hate a shaggy gravesite.
In mow ways than one

Scott Liggett: 

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How'd they get the danged thing up there?

The ramps are riding inside with the deceased lawn care guy of the cemetery

BBR:  I remember Billy saying he wanted to be buried with his mower..... but I just thought it was the booze talking.

SuperBuickGuy:  RIP Lawnmower Man

68scott385:  I like how the strap goes to the door handle. GENIUS

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