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Our neighbor across the street is amazing.  He's a study in what determination will do.  He's 50-something, like I am, and he had a bad hip.  He went for a hip replacement because he couldn't water ski.  That's him.  He's got to "go."

Motorcycles, the ski boat.  And motorcycles.  A garage full.  Even his toddler kid has an electric motorcycle he tools around on the sidewalk with.  Training wheels.  It's a Harley look-alike.

So, Chuck got the hip surgery and it didn't go well.  They broke his femur driving the rod into the bone.  It split, so they had to wrap wire cable around and around the bone to help it heal and grow together.  That was the condition he was in when he came home.  The doctors told him he'd have to walk with a cane the rest of his life.  He said, no, I'm going to water ski.

Three weeks later, he's up on the roof of his house, cleaning stuff off.  Walking like nearly anybody else, hardly a noticeable limp.  So, that's Chuck.  Amazing.

Chuck called great exception to the fact that I bought a riding lawnmower.  He directly called me lazy.  Okay, our yard is not that big, but it's really hard to push a mower in the back yard.  There's a sinkhole - a huge workout with a push mower.  Too much work.  Never mind that Chuck has teenage kids to cut his yard.  With a push mower, of course.  My daddy bought a riding mower the day I moved out of the house.  That very day.  Chuck was making fun of me, but he doesn't have to cut his own yard.  Superman doesn't do grass.

But the riding mower won't hit all the corners and curves in our yard.  So I still need to run the push mower to hit those spots before I bring out the riding mower.

Today I was out there pushing the mower in the front yard when I heard somebody shouting my name.  I had to pull out my earplugs (I can't stand loud noise, let alone the safety factor - I have to have earplugs in to run the vacuum cleaner).  Chuck and two other neighbors were ganged up across the street.  It was Chuck hollering at me.  With an audience, he hollered again, "Rusty, WHERE is your riding mower?"

I said, "I'll bring it out.  I can't get all these tight spots with it.  You call me lazy, but I'm not entirely lazy."

Chuck grinned and said, "Okay, we'll give you that."

I added, "I'm going to run the weed eater this year, too, whether I need to or not."

That got a big laugh from all of them, and I went about my business.  I think I'll just get the yard paved and paint it green.  It's all just weeds anyway.  Or a goat.  Yeah, that's the ticket.  I'll get a goat.  The neighbors will love that.  And I can sell the push mower and the riding mower and use the money to get a new DVD player.  I could sit on the front porch and tell the goat, "You missed a spot."

But I'm not lazy.  No, not me.


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