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Thanks to Lisa for sending this one!  Wow, this thing is some-kinda AWESOME!  What a piece of work.  All the hunter guys I've shown this to here in Tennessee are in shock and awe, green with envy.  This is REALLY something.  WOW!

How many beers were consumed building this blind? 

Bayou Self, Louisiana
Three Storied Coon Ass Duck Blind
1st level hides four boats underneath and has room for two hunters. It also has two dog doors.

2nd level has a full kitchen with one refrigerator, two stoves, living room with two couches and satellite TV.  Theater seats around the "porch” of the blind sits 14 guys comfortably.  A side porch has a functional toilet, a stainless steel grill for cooking whole rib-eyes, plus a full bar. Electricity is provided by car batteries.

3rd level is the "crows nest" with room for three.   It's about 25 feet up in the trees, and most of the shots taken at ducks is downward.
The food scraps thrown out draw a lot of ducks and make the fishing good too.


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