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Thanks to Lisa for this one!  This week she sent 50-something redneck photos we didn't have on this page already.  I was going through them, naming them and getting them ready to post.  I came upon this one - I was stumped.  I couldn't caption it.  I had no idea.  So, I turned the issue over to the astute guys on the hotrod forum and they had no trouble with the caption at all, especially since it's a Toyota in the photo.  LOTS of captions.  Their contributions are shown below the photo.

*** Looks like they are headed to their Princess & the Pea rehearsal.     ( BigBlockRanger)

*** Today we spotted a truck outfitted with Toyota's newest safety innovation, 'Soft Stop Technology'. In the event of a rapid acceleration incident, the driver needs to strongly apply the brakes, causing a torrent of soft mattresses to pile down in front of the vehicle, thereby reducing the risk of injury to the people in the car and those in the dentist office, convenience store, day care center, monestary, temple, donut shop, or other car that will be impacted by the impending wreck.

Patent pending.     (Brian Lohnes)

*** It's so if he puts the truck in neutral at high speeds and flips it will be a soft landing.  (TheSilverBuick)


*** Mexicans?    (64casteel)


*** I'm thinking this was the original air bag system.  As always, Toyota was WAY ahead on safety innovations.  It took a couple of years to refine it and move the bags inside.   (DanStokes)


*** hard to come up with just one - after all, it's a toyota landcruiser body used as a canopy on the pickup....

Toyota's design review process fails again?

Toyota's looking for a soft landing from its latest fiasco?

Toyota takes hires Wiley E. Coyote as their impact consultant?     (Buickguy)


***  a Alabama motel 6 on wheels    (64camino)


***  Pablo truly believed the sky was falling and wanted to be prepared.   (BigBlockRanger)


***  "Mijo, JUAN!!  zat tree branch look too low, esse?"

"No problemo vato, we can make it."   (Caveman)


***  "Check out my new soft top!"
"Its a convertable?"
"Nope. . its a SOFT top!"   (throttle monkey)


***   How a mexican family goes to the beach   (JOES66FURY2)


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