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20 years and two lives ago, I rode a bicycle a very long way a whole lot of times.  At the suggestion of a stranger I met out on the road, I started writing about my bike trips and the people and places.  Living in Rock Hill, SC at the time, I submitted a couple of draft columns to the Lifestyles editor at the Rock Hill Herald.  She LOVED them (thank you for that, Jane Clute.  I sure am glad you did).  The columns ran every other week in The Herald for about three years.

Along the way, I was all but forced by reputation and constant questions from readers to write a column or two ABOUT bicycling, equipment and such.  But my entire intent was for this to be a people-and-places column, and for the most part it was.

After 20 years, all of this stuff is terribly dated.  You'll likely have to be an older person to remember some of the news events I referred to.  And I received news over time that some of the people I met back then have since passed away.  And don't count on the establishments in the stories being there anymore, either.  It's been a long time.

These stories will make more sense if you read them in the order in which they are posted, as it's almost like a building plot. 

I am now 51 years old, and sometimes unable to get around very well because of how far I rode that bike all those years ago.  My knees, my shoulders, my back, my hands, my whole body got beat up over the course of 30,000 miles on a touring bicycle, and age amplifies that.  I rode the bike too far too many times, and as the years go by, I realize that I would have done it, anyway.  Even if I could see me now, which I couldn't possibly see back then, I would have done it anyway.  It was worth it.  It still is.  In retrospect, this is how I spent my body, at a point in life where time was all I had.  Lots of time.  Loose time drives people crazy, and this is what I chose to do with it.

So, here we go:

1. Traveling By Bicycle 2. Bad Day Turns Good 3. Gear Up
4. A Long Ride for Lemonade 5. Dogs Chase Bicyclists 6. Never Far From Home
7. Pay for the Room 8. Read the Signs 9. Wind's Worse Than Hills (And Other Hazards)
10. Wildlife Tour 11. Riding With the Other Rusty 12. Conditioning for the Ride Across America
13. Do You Speak English? 14. Coal Country 15. Best-Kept Secret
16. Dogs Chase Bicyclists II 17. Trans-Con Ride Plans are Changed 18. Trans-Con Trip Log 1
19. Trans-Con Trip Log 2 20. Trans-Con Trip Log 3 21. Trans-Con Trip Log 4
22. Saved By Kansas Kindness 23. Dog Sledding 24. Eastern Utah is a "People Place"
25. Some Call it Home 26. Life is Different All Over 27. Nature Has Its Moments
28. Final Trans-Con Notes 29. The Lizard Man 30. Meeting Folks a Bonus
31. Frank O. Hill 32. Newspaper Tidbits 33. Fall Frolic
34. Fall Frolic Part II 35. Think Back a Bit 36. Finding Food
37. Wanted:  A Room 38. Plains, Georgia 39. Hugo the Hurricane
40. Views From the Road 41. Midwestern Hospitality 42. Riding on the Wind
43. Signs Mark the Way 44.  Riders Quickly Forget 45.  Ride Home a Trip
46.  Back on the Bike Again 47.  Touring Isn't Racing 48.  A Word About Training
49.  Unplanned Stops 50.  Plan That First Trip 51. Friend Tries a Road Trip
52. First Miles Sometimes the Hardest 53. Heading Toward the Coast 54. Coast Yields Treasure
55. Pier Fishing 56.  Friends Easy to Find 57.  Make Way for Trucks
58.  Thoughts Along the Road    

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