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Chuck and I were in the middle of practicing a song, and suddenly the music just STOPPED right on a chord when the womenfolk went berserk.  The Bird Woman of Bartonville was flying around the room like one of her parakeets and all bloody heck broke loose.  Seems a burglar had entered the premises, despite us all being there with the music in progress.

Chuck, being the Great White Hunter that he is, threw down his guitar and chased the burglar around the room, finally detaining the villain with only his two bare hands.  He threw the burglar out into the front yard like the Terminator would throw a car.  The burglar didn't even resist after that, and ran away into the night.  It was an incredible scene.  All I could do was just stand back and watch in amazement at this most unexpected development.

Being a bit calmer and collected about it all, Sue Unit managed the presence of mind to grab the camera and shoot an undisputable account of the intruder's physical appearance, so we could show it to the police if they ever finally arrived at Weeville:




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