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The Wees visited the Wilkerson Clan in Florida!  Rusty W. is peewee's lifelong buddy.  From the left, we have Cathy, Rusty, Tyler with PJ the Dog, Lauren, and James.

They live in a mighty nice neighborhood on the water.  Here's the view across the "street."  That's an osprey atop the sailboat mast, and a pelican floating in the canal.

Sue and Spunkie and PJ all enjoyed the pier.  PJ was the runt of the litter, and Tyler suggested they name him Puppy Junior.  Hence, PJ.

One afternoon a manatee came cruising into the canal.  That's only his nose sticking out of the water, and the rest of him is under the water to the right.  He was BIG.  And slow.  And did I say big?

Rusty took us for a boat ride on the Intracoastal Waterway.  We pried Spunkie into the boat, and he didn't like it- not one little bit.  We had to take him back to the house and we sailed (motored) without him.

We motor-boated a real long way on a chilly morning.

We were going real slow in the main channel when lo and behold- the dolphins came out to play.

The dolphins waltzed for us, and inspected us, and came real close to the boat.

We then rode to Port Canaveral where the cruise ships were preparing for their next voyage.

Thanks again to the Wilkersons for a wonderful few days.  We'll be BACK!

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